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  • Comfort comes from better material
  • Life your wrist. get information in time
  • Keep your time in your hand
  • Never miss a notice
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Product Description

The selection of materials on every part of GYENNO Watch is done with careful considerations. The curved glass comes from a special process. The aeronautical aluminum alloy shell, stainless steel and Italian leather bracelet decorate GYENNO watch fashionably. After hundreds of watering, painting and polishing processes, GYENNO Watch becomes both delicate and solid.

Lift your wrist as you usually do, catch important information at a glance. GYENNO Watch shows messages according to the time sequence. Therefore, it always shows you the latest information.

GYENNO Watch provides weather information and moon phase besides time and calendar in order to let you realize the changes of the nature. In addition, the battery status is also available on the watch face; the chapter ring will automatically turn in red if the battery is low.

Time zone was defined to avoid chaos of the time in different regions. But it is not convenient for frequent travelers. GYENNO watch update the time zone automatically by connecting with your mobile phone to facilitate your traveling.

Second chronograph : Victory or defeat is decided between seconds. Activate your sports mode now.

Alarm : Simply flip and select the hour and minutes to set multiple alarms, it will remind you when the right time comes.

Timer : Visual time schedule lets you manage your time easily; the process bar shows clearly how much time is left for your action.

Notice can be updated through the connection with your mobile phone, the preview messages including Calls, SMS, E-mail, QQ and Wechat messages are all shown on GYENNO Watch.

This function is related to your OS, which might be different between iOS and Android.

Personalized operating system

To improve user experience, we simplified the operation. We deeply customized the operation system of GYENNO Watch based on Android. The customized OS is designed for a better intimate experience: focusing on communication, health and family caring.

Fabulous cool real touch messaging

GYENNO Watch offers a unique real touch messaging which injects new vitality into text communication. It turns expression into a kind of real touch that can be passed on. By virtue of real touch’s impact on the engine, different messages convey completely different feel of touch. For instance, if you 'poke* your sweetheart, he or she will feel the clicking of your fingers. In addition, GYENNO Watch has a pre-set heartbeat transmission function, which enables you to transmit your seemingly authentic heartbeat to your beloved anytime as you like.

To learn the sport efficiency easily

Heart rate monitoring is a common way for one to know about his/her physical functions. GYENNO Watch's optical heart rate senor monitors your heart rate data according to the optimum plan and notify you if there is anything abnormal, so that you can take proper coping tactics. When the Exercise Mode is activated, you can detect your exercise.quality and learn about the ratio of high efficient consumption during the exercise. Under Exercise Mode, you can receive the feedback about the amount of calorie consumed regularly, so that you can maintain your motivation for more exercise. If your heart rate is too high due to excessive exercise, the watch will send you warnings in a timely manner, so as to rule out the adverse outcome as a result of excessive exercise.

Digital portrait in GYENNO Health

GYENNO Health App draws a digital portrait for you according to your personal data and your important body information by connecting with GYENNO Watch or other GYENNO series product. You can see not only your own digital portrait but also your family or your loved ones’ through GYENNO Health, which offers you and your loved ones advice to keep your life healthy.

Incentives for your improvement

GYENNO Watch always gives you unexpected rewards once you reach your health goals that you set up for yourself. Go ahead to explore this exciting function if you would like to see what the reward is.

GYENNO Watch gives a solution to summarize your health into the health index, which helps you understand your health status.You can adjust your activities for a more healthy lifestyle according to the conclusion from your health data.

Care your loved ones' health

You can check your loved ones’ health information through GYENNO Watch. Your private contacts including their health index and the history of the index are listed on GYENNO Watch, based on which you can choose your way to send your caring to your loved ones, such as sending a tactile message. Detailed personal health information can be found in GYENNO Health APP

Family caring based on Tactile Message

GYENNO Watch is designed to provide a new way of communicating with your family members or you loved ones. GYENNO Watch delivers an intimate and private Tactile Message to your family member. Let them feel your caring in real touchs. For example when you find your cared one has been sitting too long, you can send 'stand and exercise' message to remind him/her to exercise more and keep health index fine.

Water Resistance

** GYENNO Watch is splash and water resistance but not waterproof. You can, for example, wear and use GYENNO Watch in the rain, and while washing your hands, but wearing GYENNO Watch during showering and submerging GYENNO Watch is not allowed. The leather straps are not water resistance