About us

GEECR is a global e-commerce website which provides the latest and interesting smart electronics. It includes smart hardware and gadgets like wearables, homekit, fitness equipment, gadgets for men and geek related products.

The English name "GEECR" is a portmanteau of "geeks" and "creative", signifying "Geeks lead a creative life".

Electronic industry grows and changes very fast, there are also too many repeated and mixed products which confuse customers every now and then. Our team initially stands out for its exceptional talent both in the digging of the best smart products at reasonable price and in the supply of the latest news, maximumly meeting your needs of a smart life. Besides, a group of geeks will test the products we provide, to suggest and recommend appropriate products with their professional and critical experience.

Our vision is to take care of every details of your life intelligently.

GEECR was founded in 2015, affiliated with Hong Kong Novotech Electronic Products Trading Ltd.