From the onset, endoscope cameras have been used in the medical world to perform what they call endoscopy. The uses of this endoscope goes far than just the medical field it is useful for every field and even useful for home users.

We’ve all wished that we could climb into an engine to see what’s wrong with it. Or wish we could shrink down into our sink and climbing down the drain or an engine block to know what’s clogging it. The thought of you not being able to that is really unpleasant. These days those thoughts are over because all you have to do is just send an endoscopic camera down there to know what exactly is the problem. I.e. sending it down, there to scope the issue. Sending the endoscope down the drain without minding the water is possible because they come as smartphones waterproof endoscope inspection camera.

These endoscopic android cameras also known as endoscope camera for android, iPhone, PC, Mac come in different forms. They either come as USB compatible or Wi-Fi compatible.