Geak Watch II

A truly intimate personal device
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Product Description

Timeless legacy

A classic round cushion design A true symbol of 100 years of heritage. Polished elegance that suits every occasion. Innovative finishes with special effects To provide full protection for your timepiece. Anti-fingerprint coating, metal bezel and special finish process. Ingenious combinations give birth to timepieces representative of fashion that transcends time and trends

A wide selection of different dials

GEAK Watch II comes with different types of dial Dials in a wide variety of styles Made to guarantee your complete satisfaction

A timeless classic

Honors the traditional essence and design of the mechanical watch

Sleek simplicity

A touch of modern refinement

Ornate boldness

Intriguing and gives pure joy with each moment

Colorful straps,

Easy to match with the richly diversified dials, Original straps made of high-quality top-grain leather A 24-mm universal band join means you are free to use your own. A selection of straps in a myriad of colors. Available for further expression of your personal style We make sure you have more options at hand

TF Screen,

Bringing you a brand new reading experience under direct sunlight, Specially crafted TF screen previously only used by the military and in the aerospace industry Allows instant switching between a high definition LCD color display or an e-ink screen. Excellent precision and clarity even under direct sunlight The screen time face is always visible - there is no need to wake it from sleep to check the time.

Dragontrail glass

The latest Dragontrail glass, manufactured by AGC in Japan, is used for the screen. High quality Dragontrail glass boasts outstanding scratch- and shock-resistance

Charging is a very simple task. Wearing a watch is nothing new, but charging it is a new story. We have made this as simple as possible. GEAK Watch II uses a magnetic cradle that automatically guides the magnet charging coil and snaps the charger in place. This conveniently allows data-transfer while charging is being done.

A smart watch to usher in the smart era and reveal real world charm. Timely contact and closer connections. It fastens snugly around your wrist, and will vibrate to grab your attention.For example, this alert will notify you of the arrival of a text message or a call with a subtle buzz. You may easily check and reply to texts, calls and notifications - with discreet vibration modes.

A new communications experience -starting with the GEAK Watch II.

Simulated call alert

The simulated call function with its uncannily real interface can. You may even choose the calling time, caller name, phone number, ring tone and incoming call screen as you wish. It can help you quickly wriggle out of a gathering, blind date, meeting or other awkward situation.

Simplified music control

The GEAK Watch II is a smart wrist-worn music controller.

With a gentle shake of your wrist, or flick of a finger,

music that is as soft as dreams will drift forth.

As smart as

GEAK Voice Recognition*

You can search the web, open apps and have lots of fun with the GEAK Voice Recognition, all you need do is ask, literally. Just name it. It's always at your service.

Another way of tracking your health

The built-in heart rate monitor* allows you to i measure your heart rate and collect other J health statistics at any time, any place. [J

Dual-mode enables convenient Bluetooth or WiFi connection

Dual-mode is compatible with all Bluetooth V2.1 -powered devices 4.0 Bluetooth low energy (BLE) mode supports wireless audio transmissions Experience cutting-edge technologies without the bother of changing your phone

Fast and simple input method

The Q9 input keyboard is especially designed for one finger operation to help ease the limitations of this method on smart devices with small screens. You can easily enter English letters of mixed case, numbers and characters at a speed that is 2.3 times faster than traditional input - and is also 70% more accuratelThe GEAK remote input method helps solve the problem of character input on smart devices with small screens. All Bluetooth-powered phones, tablets and keyboards can serve as the input device at an input speed 20 times faster than with other input methods!

The GEAK Watch II and your mobile phone A combination that provides the best of all connections

You can check any information on your GEAK Watch II, including texts,

Twitter and Facebook messages, calls, news and update notifications -

without the need to take out your phone or tablet

Supports iOS and Android devices as well as over a million apps

GEAK app store

The GEAK app store offers a selection of customized apps specially adapted for circular screens.

Our various online and offline activities have attracted numerous developers and designers who are participating in the design challenge. Nearly a hundred gorgeous apps have been created that you can use to customize your watch.

We seek extensive cooperation for a win-win situation and have joined up with WiFi master key, ZDclock, Voice Recognition, Broadlink and other well-known smart home app designers to gather more high-quality apps in our GEAK app store.