Shoot A Basketball

Sport Toy Roll A Shot Flashlight Music Small Palm Basketball
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Product Description

A device that can be played anytime and anywhere. Anti Stress Magic Led Music Ball Palm Shooting Basketball. Hot Electronic Mini Handheld Basketball

  • In the eyes of basketball, palm is your court!
  • In a delicate transparent sphere, there is an electronic shooting device.
  • Rebounds, ball frames, basketball full configuration;
  • Play on your hand, use some skill to put the ball into the hoop, there will be brilliant flash and sound encouragement!
  • This is a new type of hand movement that exercises the flexibility of the fingers and the flexibility of the wrist;
  • Some people have hundreds of hundreds, some people don't make a thousand! In the end, there is no need to work hard!
  • This is also a new kind of leisure moment, especially suitable for learning the rhythm of life, the pressure group, can smooth the nerves, reduce the pressure;
  • Study, live, work, travel, take walks, and play whenever and wherever you want!
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