TOPSKY Cloud-i Smart Glasses Voice command wearable computer glasses for photoing,calling and video recording

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  • A wearable hands free device based on Android 4.3
  • Embedded Voice System, enables you answer or reject incoming calls, shoot, record videos, check contacts or weather by your voice
  • 5 Mega-pixel Camera for taking photos where ever you go with hands free
  • Bluetooth /WiFi Connection with low power consumption, up to 200 hours in deep sleep mode let you never miss a call or message

Product Description

TOPSKY Cloud-i Smart Glasses is an Android-based wearable computer. It’s enhanced with a voice command system, recording features and wireless connectivity capabilities. And it’s been purpose-designed for enterprise such as cycling, traveling, shopping or climbing.

Product Information

Resolution 428*240
Audio format Mp3, WMA, FLAC, APE, AA3,OGG, etc
Picture format JPEG, BMP, GIF,PNG
USB Connection USB 2.0 high-speed
Language Simplified Chinese,English
Operating System Android 4.3
Operating System WindowsXP/SE/ME/7/8/9
Working temperature -5℃ - 40℃

Package List:

1*TOPSKY Cloud-i Smart Glasses

1*User Manual



1*Charge Cable

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