Wakeman Bone Conduction Bluetooth Anti-sleep Smart Sunglasses

Open ear conduction headphones support hand-free calls
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Product Description

WAKEMAN Bone Conduction Glasses is a smart sunglasses with integrated bone conduction speakers that enable to transmit sound waves to the skull via vibrations. It is an amazing anti-sleep helper, especially useful for preventing drivers from sleeping on the highway. You just need shake your head to start the anti-sleep function. Connecting to your phone through Bluetooth, you can nod/shake your head to answer/reject phone call, control music or radio station. You can also use it to prevent dust, wind and UV ray.

  • Bone ConductionTechnology, which transmits sound waves to the your skull without the use of earbuds.
  • Open Ear Solution lets you hear the around sound when listening to music, ride bikes and not get hit, safer than earphones or headphones.
  • Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 frees you from tangled wires, easy to operate, can receive wireless calls on the glasses.
  • Built-in Artificial Intelligence tracks your eyes and vibrate to prevent from sleeping while driving.
  • Hand-free Headset just nod/shake the head to answer/reject phone call; turn your head to switch songs and rise/lower your head to adjust the volume.
  • Polarized lenses( replaceable ) provide a good protection and a better view for your eyes.
  • Smart sunglasses with Micro USB charging.
Wakeman Bone Conduction Sunglasses uses vibrations to transmit audio information into your skull without blocking or covering your ears.
Product Information
Bluetooth versionCSR4.0
Transmission distance 10 meters
Battery capacity300mAh
Charge voltageMicro USB 5V 0.5-1A
Talking time ≥ 4hrs
Anti-sleep time ≥8hrs
Charging time 2 hrs
Material ABS + PC
Working temperature -10°C ~ +60°C
Product weight39g
Compatibility All Bluetooth integrated devices

Package List:

1 x Wakeman Bone Conduction Bluetooth Anti-sleep Smart Sunglasses

1 x Box Case

1 x User Manual


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