MOON W7 Wireless Charger Charging Pad

Original for Samsung Galaxy S6 S7 edge Note 5 for iPhone 6 6S 7 Plus 5 Stand Phone Charger
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  • The Wireless Charging Pad is easy to set up and use. First, connect the Charging Pad to your device's charging cable, then place your phone on the pad.
  • The Wireless Charging Pad is Qi certified by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and is compatible with most Android devices.
  • Some mobiles phones must be equipped with a Qi receiver to be charged wireless.(Please read the description carefully)
Product Description

Moon W7 is an intellective wireless charger of three coil, which is unique bracket design, zinc alurriinurn precise modeling, integration of technology and art, ease use, different user experience, and enjoying wireless technology brings easy life style. It is ultra-thin, convenient and universal, just drop and charge.

For phone need extra Qi receiver, you can choose it here

You can also directly tell us your phone model, and we will help you choose the right receiver:)

Product Information
Model W7
Standard QI International Wireless Standard
Input 5.0V/2A
Output 5.0V/1A
Conversion Rates75%
Size 173mm(Φ) 12.1mm(H)


for iPhone:

for iPhone 7S/7S plus --- (Extra Qi receiver needed)
for iPhone 7/7 plus --- (Extra Qi receiver needed)
for iPhone 6S/6S plus --- (Extra Qi receiver needed)
for iPhone 6/6 plus --- (Extra Qi receiver needed)
for iPhone SE --- (Extra Qi receiver needed)
for iPhone 5/5S --- (Extra Qi receiver needed)
for iPhone 5C --- (Extra Qi receiver needed)

for Samsung:

Note 2 --- (Extra Qi receiver needed)
Note 3 ---(Extra Qi receiver needed)
Note 4 --- (Extra Qi receiver needed)
Note 5/Note 7 --- Built-in
S3/S4/S5 --- (Extra Qi receiver needed)
S6/S6 Edge/ S6 Edge Plus/S7/S7 Edge--- Built-in

for other Android Devices:

Mostly Built-in
Google: Nexus 4/5/6/6P/7
HTC: 8X/Droid DNA/Thunderbold
LG: G3/G4/Op timus G Pro
Sony: Xperia Z3/Xperia Z3V/Xperia Z4V/BSP10
Motorola: Droid Max/Droid Mini/Droid Turbo/Watch 360
Nokia: Lumia 735/830/920/928/930/950/950 Dual Sim/950XL/1520
ASUS Padfonae 5/Blackberry Z30/ Blackberry Classic/Cat CatPhone S50 /Kyocera Hydro Elite/Kyocera Urbano L01/Kyocera Urbano L03/Kyocera Torque/Kyocera Torque G02/M.T.T Master/M.T.T Master 4G/Saygus V Squared/Techdy Basic Bear/Vertu Signature Touch/Yotaphone 2

If you are not sure about the compatibility, please feel free to contact us.

From the Manufacturer

Thanks to our unique three coil technology which has greatly increased the induction range, now you have the freedom to place the device anywhere within the induction range without the influence of coil position, product size and height


focus on the optimal distance between the coil and mirror in order to improve the best charging efficiency

Customer Reviews
By Rhonda on December 21, 2016
Goods received, the product quality is very good, fine workmanship, very convenient to use. The seller has very good service, logistics is also very awesome, satisfaction.
By Glenda on December 20, 2016
the quality is good, good shape, high-end atmosphere on the grade, the price is not expensive, charging speed, the seller is very enthusiastic service, is a satisfactory shopping... Pleasantly surprised
By Deanna L on December 17, 2016
Upon receipt of the goods, to see the packaging after the opening of the items found lying on the side of the edge of a power adapter USB plug, I was shocked, not so simple, right?! All demolished packaging found a false alarm, wireless charging equipment which is very beautiful, with its own Lumia1520, really beautiful! Easy to charge, connected to the USB 2A port, charging the phone a little fever, the overall good!
By Tamara on December 14, 2016
Very tall and still look like! Good oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ good metal texture ~ ~ ~
Modeling is very good
By Vanessa on November 17, 2016
but also very practical, mobile phone charging is very convenient, where to go where. A few times to buy a few people are also good. Seller attitude is very good, logistics is also very fast