Linbell G2 Self-Powered Wireless Doorbell

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Product Description

Linbell G2 is a wireless doorbell which works without battery. It's self-powered as anyone touch the launcher. More environmentally friendly and cheaper that other wireless doorbells on the market.

Linbell includes launchers and receivers. You can add the launchers into 2 or the receivers into 2/3/4 according to your needs.

  • Powered by kinetic energy, no battery needed for both transmitter and receiver
  • Wireless doorbell with multiple receivers, you can choose the number of receivers according to your house area and building structure, such as wireless doorbell with two receivers, wireless doorbell with three receivers or wireless doorbell with 4 receivers
  • Long range wireless doorbell, the signal can pass through doors, walls, floors. Remote distance is up to 300foot / 100m outdoor, 100foot / 30m indoor. By adding the number of receivers, you can get longer range
  • 36 selectable ringtones are good for your ears and keep good mood, the volume is high enough to cover your house
  • No wire wiring required and easy installation and setting
  • Original EU/US/UK Plug of the receiver is available
Product Information
Brand TypeLinbell G2 Automatic Generation Wireless Smart Doorbell
Frequency of Transmitter RF433MHZ
Transmission distance100M(Outdoor)/300M(Indoor)
Press Strength350G
Installation Way3M double sided glue
Input Voltage of ReceiverAC110-220v
Standby power consumption0.25W
Maximum volume105DB
PlugUS standard/ UK Standard

Easy installation, Plug and Play

  1. Tear up 3M glue of the Launcher (no battery is needed) and paste it on the wall. (Tips: Please do not install the Launcher on metal door or security door, because these materials will reduce the signal.)
  2. Insert the receiver into the socket.

High Performance

  • One device for one code, no need to worry about string frequency with your neighbors
  • Indoor Operating Distance: 30m, Wireless signal is capable of passing through 3 walls
  • Optional music: 38 types, Adjustable volume: 4-levels.

Shopping Reference

  • One Launcher + One Receiver: Apply to about 100 sqm suite room
  • One Launcher + Two Receiver: Apply to more than 150 sqm large suite room or two-layers duplex apartment
  • One Launcher + Three Receiver: Apply to three-layers villa
  • Two Launcher + One Receiver: Apply to special house model with two doors
More About Linbell G2 Self-Powered No Battery Needed Doorbell

Self-powered (No need battery) more convenient for user, better for environment

It also works on rainy day
Easy installation. No wire wiring required and easy installation and setting

Long Range Wireless doorbell, signal can pass through doors, walls, floors. Remote distance is up to 300foot / 100m outdoor, 100foot / 30m indoor

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  1. Where should I install the launcher ? Door or Wall ?
    Please install the launcher on the wall, because metal materials will reduce the signal.
  2. How many launchers can be combined with one receiver ?
    It is free combination. You can add more if necessary.
  3. Is 3M glue free of charge ? Or I should buy it separately ?
    3M glue is included in the package without extra charge.
  4. Is there euro plug option for this ?
    Yes, we’ve prepared EU, UK, UK plug for our customers.
  5. Can I customize the combination ?
    Yes, please contact our online customer service for more details of customization.
  6. I recently purchased the G2 Linbell. There are 38 ring tones. I chose one ring tone that I liked and it works. After one day, the ring tone reverted back to the first tone. I wish to know how I can choose the ring tone that I like and keep it there.
    To adjust and keep the desired ringtones, you should: 1. Firstly choose the ringtone you like; 2. Pairing the device once again. How to Pair: Keep pressing any key on the side of the receiver about 3-5seconds until the light goes on. Then press the transmitter, the bell rings, which means the pairing is finished. Note: You can do this repeatedly every time you want to change the ringtones.

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Linbell G2 Self-Powered Wireless Doorbell
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