Elfin Book X Leather Cover Reusable Notebook

Water-to-Erase notebook, Reusable and erasable up to 500 times; Cloud Storage notebook and leather journals
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Product Description

Elfin Book X is the latest high-end reusable notebook of Elfin Book. Different from Elfin Book 1.0 and 2.0's plastic cover, it comes with the high-quality leather cover, which makes it stylish and durable than the previous version. Anything written on the notebook could be wiped off with a damp cloth/paper/napkin. No imprint left!

Compare to Rocketbook Wave and Elfin Book

Elfin Book X Elfin Book 2.0 Elfin Book 1.0 Rocket Wave Rocket Everlast
Erase Damp cloth / Wet tissue / Hair drier / Microwave oven(take off the paper from the holder) Microwave oven / Damp cloth / Wet tissue Damp cloth / Wet tissue / Hair drier Microwave oven Moistened cloth
Reusable times 500 500 10 5 Infinitely
Page 140 60/100 80 80 32/36
Size 17*23cm 17.6*25.0cm(B5)
17.6*25.0cm(B5) 21.59*24.13cm

Cloud Storage Support Support Support Support Support
Paper Pattern Lined paper alternates with blank page Lined paper alternates with blank page Lined paper Dot grid Dot grid
Binding Metal loose leaf binding rings Loose leaf binding rings Solid
Metal rings
Polypropylene binding
Solid binding
Pen Include Include Include Include Include
Pen Holder Include Include None None None
Cover Hard Imitation Leather Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic
  • Elfin Book X is the latest damp-cloth-or-heat-to-erase (hair drier would be perfect) reusable notebook with the high-quality imitation leather cover, which makes it stylish and durable than the previous version.
  • Use up to 500 times, anything written on the notebook could be wiped off with a damp cloth/paper/napkin. No imprint left!
  • Works with Elfin Book APP (Android and iOS), instantly blasting your notes into the cloud services like iCloud, Google Drive, Evernote, Onedrive, Baidu Netdisk, email etc.
  • Now your notes are safe and organized on your device. You may name your notes, manage them to different folders, edit them if needed and quickly search them whenever you need. Boost your productivity by sharing notes with your team, classmates or family.
  • Image/Text amendment and enhancement, make sure your ideas as crisp on the screen as they are on the page
  • Lined paper alternates with the blank page, ideal for sketching, writing drawing and doodling.
  • Suitable for students, kids, artist, architect and so on.
  • Ships with one Erasable Pilot FriXion Pen.
  • Note: M&G Hot Clean Erasable Gel Ink Refills on our site does not suit the pen of the Elfin Book X.
Product Information
Brand Elfin Book
Size 17*23cm
Cover materialHigh-quality Imitation leather
Quantity of Paper 70(detachable)
Paper material Stone
Color Black/Brown/Blue/Red
Pen Pilot FriXion Pen

What's in the Box:

1 * Elfin Book X Microwavable Reusable Leather Notebook

1 * Pilot FriXion Pen

1 * User Manual

Elfin Book App download

Android: [ Download ]

iPhone: search " Elfin Book " on App Store

App Support Language: Chinese and English

Note: After registration, please click the "upgrade to super users", then click "Code" on the top right and input VIP Code to enjoy all the functions for free. You may find the VIP code on our instruction book.

- Damp cloth or heat can wipe down the words on Elfin Book written by Pilot FriXion pens.
- Damp cloth also can wipe down words written with water-erasable pen or water-erasable color pencil.
- Words written with gel pen is difficult to be wiped unless using damp cloth hard. Gel pen is NOT recommended!

Notes Scan:

- Use Elfin Book APP scanning to back up the notes.
- The boundary of Elfin Book can be inspected automatically! Any identified error can be corrected manually.
- Multiple-scanning effects can be selected after snipping, e.g. Black-and-white scanning and color scanning.

Storage, Classification & Searching:
- It does not sync up as a smart notebook. You have to take a picture of each page to upload.
- Save as PDF files in Elfin Book APP.
- Picture files can be reordered, removed and shared, etc.
- Create different folders to manage the notes.
- Quick searching is available by typing file titles.

Sharing & Cloud Backup:
- PDF files can be shared through Facebook and WeChat etc.
- PDF files can be backed up on cloud Apps, Evernote, Onedrive and BaiduNetdisk etc.

More About Elfin Book X Reusable Notebook Leather Cover

Works with Elfin Book APP(Android and iOS), instantly blasting your notes into the cloud using your smartphone.


Reusable and Erasable, you can simply wipe off your notes with a damp cloth / wet tissue. No imprint left!


When you take a picture of your working, it will automatically amend and enhance your notes, make sure your ideas as crisp on the screen.


Pop your Elfin book in the microwave to erase and reuse your notebook up to 500 times.


East to dismount, and support microwave.

  1. Can I use colored pens/markers?
    Yes, as soon as the pen you use is erasable as Pilot Pen.
  2. Can I use Elfinbook forever?
    The reusable times of Elfinbook 1.0 are 10. But the new Elfinbook 2.0 and X can be used 500 times, which is enough for your permanent usage if you use 8 notebooks one year. One thing should be reminded of that, all reusable book will inevitably produce loss during use.
  3. Can the Pilot Frixion pen be used on Elfinbook X?
    Pilot Pen does work on Elfinbook X. You can also buy pens from other brands if it is erasable.
  4. In which languages is the app available?
    Elfin APP now supports Chinese and English, other languages are not available.
  5. Can the scanned pages be run through OCR?
    Yes. Elfin book APP does support OCR capability. Everyone who brought Elfinbook will get a VIP code of the APP to acquire more advanced functionalities. OCR ranks one of them. You can also duplicate the recognized words.
  6. Instructions on how to use Elfin Book?
    Elfinbook Instructions Video
  7. Do the Notes upload directly to One Drive?
    Yes. All you need is download Elfinbook APP. Then scan with your phones to store anything your write on Elfin book in PDF. All your notes will be synced easily to cloud services - Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Slack, Onedrive, Baidu Netdisk, & more - Perfectly organized.
  8. How many minutes in the microwave to erase the book?
    More than 6 minutes. Please put the notebook above a glass of water with the back cover on the top, the entire notebook will be erased after being heated for several minutes in the microwave oven.
  9. Does Elfinbook App support iPad?
    Elfin book APP now only supports the mobile phone. iPad is not available.

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