37 Degree Journey Bluetooth Wristband

Heart rate monitor, Fatigue Detect / Ambulatory BP / Breath Rate tracker, 30W pixel camera for selfie, USB plug
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Product Description

Journey is the newest model for 37 Degree smart bracelets, which can measure and record various fitness and sports data, such as Ambulatory BP, heart rate and breath rate, plus detect your mood and fatigue, very convenient to be your healthy tracker and assistant. With 30 pixel camera, you can use it for selfie directly. USB plug is so simple to charge without searching for cable any more.

  • Cardiopulmonary Stats: Collect your all day data of Ambulatory BP, heart rate and breath rate, then clearly display your health stats with a chart
  • Emotion and Fatigue Detection: Real-time detect your mood and fatigue, and take charge of your emotion and stamina
  • Continuous Heart Rate: Monitor and manage your real-time heart rate to improve your exercise and cardiopulmonary function
  • Steps and Sleep Track: Keep tracking your pace, walking distance and calorie consumption. Through light/deep sleep stats, sleep quality advice is available.
  • Magnetic USB Dongle Charger: Charge with ease by simply placing your Journey tracker onto the dongle. The magnetic fastening mechanism " pulls" the two together for secure charging, all without any cable
  • Remote Care: Obtain reports of family members of cared ones wearing the bracelet remotely without interruption
  • IP 67+ Waterproof
  • 30W Pixel Camera: you can use it for selfie directly
Product Information
Brand 37 Degree
Model Journey
Net weight 24g
Main dimension 42.8*17.3*9.8mm
Full length 238mm
Waterproof level IP67+
Communication Bluetooth Low Energy
Bluetooth 4.0
Screen NO
Waterproof IP54
Battery 157mAh Li-polymer battery
Standby time About 30days
Charging time About 60 mins
System requirement Android 4.3+ or iOS 7+
Operating mode Press button

Package List:

1* 37 Degree Journey Bluetooth Wristband

1* USB Charging Base

1* User Manual

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