Wisoap Supersonic Portable Washer(White)

Mini laundry machine for business trip travel
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Product Description

This portable and compact washer features high-frequency vibration of the ultrasound, which removes spots instantly. Just put Wisoap into the water, it will automatically start working. Safe without electric leakage.Perfect for washing baby clothes, underwear, towels, bra, socks, vegetable, fruits, toys etc.

  • [INTELLIGENT ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY ] - Apply liquid detergent to the stained parts. The washer can remove spots instantly(25-40mins) by the high speed of ultrasonic micro-vibration.
  • [EFFICIENT STAIN REMOVER] - High washing power from strong ultrasonic waves. Rubbing clothes by hand or with a brush is no longer necessary.
  • [SAFE AND HEALTHY] - High-frequency vibration of the ultrasound can kill bacteria in the water, no damage to clothing.
  • [WHISPER QUIET] - No electric noise during washing.
  • [PORTABLE DESIGN] - Keep it in your pouch or bag when you travel or dating outside. Perfect for Washing baby clothes, underwear, towels,bra, socks, vegetable, fruits, toys etc.
  • [OTHER PARAMETERS] - Capacity: 2kg(Max); Working hours: 180 minutes(Max); Standby time:720 hours(Max)
  • [HOW TO USE] - 1. Put the clothes into the water. 2. Add the detergent. 3. Put Wisoap into the water. 4.Take out Wisoap after it stops and gently rinses your clothes.
Product Information
Charging voltage5V
Working hours 180 minutes(Max)
Standby time720 hours(Max)
Charging interface USB
Capacity 2kg(Max)
Washing frequency40khz
Best water temperature40℃
Material ABS

What's in the Box:

1 x Wisoap Supersonic Portable Washer(White)
1 x Charging base
1 x Charging cable
1 x Charger


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