Xiaomi Mijia Walkie Talkie

Outdoors, civil rechargeable, thin high-power, compact and portable handheld walkie-talkie(Recommend buying more than one pair)
Buy one pair of "Xiaomi Walkie Talkie" get "English Menu App for Xiaomi Walkie Talkie" free, easily use it : https://geecr.com/hunt/xiaomi-walkie-talkie-english
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Product Description

Simple design, 8 days stand-by time, location and FM radio walkie talkie, start to unknown but thrilling journey with the accompanying of Xiaomi Walkie Talkie!

Note: one pic is 42.99 USD. If you need a pair, please order 2 pieces.

Now it only has Chinese interface.

Download Xiaomi Walkie Talkie English Version Menu App. https://geecr.com/hunt/xiaomi-walkie-talkie-englis..

We also provide free English interface pictures about the Chinese and App ( English Marked Pictures) that ensure you use it accessibly like below. If you need all of the English interface pictures please contact us and we will sent it to your email.

Also you can join Facebook Group "Xiaomi Walkie Talkie" to get the free English interface picture : https://www.facebook.com/groups/311311402632226/

  • Universal Micro USB charging port, no need to worry loss of charger
  • Quick to form a team, once one start a team, the others can click to join the team without putting complicate frequency
  • Location share, in the range of calls, it can check the location of teammates by the screen and APP even there is no cellphone signal
  • 8 days stand-by time, 17 hours for normal use
  • Auto detection function during charging, prevent the risk of overcharge, over discharge, over voltage and other issues
  • Xiaomi walkie-talkie suitable for two-way communication from different locations.
  • It also houses an inbuilt FM Radio for providing entertainment apart from communication. you also get entertained.
  • In terms of frequency, it comes with UHF frequency range of 403-470MHz, and VHF frequency range of 136-174MHz., This gives it the ability to be used in a densely populated area as well as in the wild where there is little or no obstruction to the radio waves.
  • Comes in white/Blue color with along with handy display and some buttons on the surface for controlling the device.
  • Works well with Apple iOS and Android OS.
Product Information
Transmitting Power 0.5W / 2W
Band public frequency band ( 0.5W ), U / V band
Power Interface Micro USB
Input Parameters 5.0V, 1A
Rated Voltage 3.7V
Wireless Connection Bluetooth 4.0
BLE Modulation Type F3E
Spurious Radiation 7.5uW and less
Sensitivity ( Transmitting, Receiving ) -122dBm ( 12dB SINAD )
Battery Type 18650 lithium-ion battery ( included in product )
Battery Capacity 2600mAh ( 9.6Wh )
Battery Charging Time about 3h
Battery Standby about 200h ( 8 days )
Battery Use about 17h (transmitter, receiver, standby time ratio of 5: 5: 90 )
Audio Rated Power 1W
LCD Module 160 x 100 resolution LCD black and white LCD screen
Public Channel 409MHz - 410MHz ( 20 frequency )
Call Distance about 10km in sea level environment, about 6km in urban area
Operating Temperature -20 - 60 Deg.C
Charging Temperature: 0 - 40 Deg.C
Product weight 0.1140 kg
Product Dimension 5.45 x 1.41 x 20.00 cm / 2.15 x 0.55 x 7.87 inches


1 * XIAOMI Mijia Radio Walkie Talkie

1 * Antenna

1 * USB Cable

1 * User Manual

More About

Xiaomi Walkie Talkie can help users quickly understand and operate with its universal 3.5mm port,elastic button and soft call key.


One who initiated the team,other people join a team, you can quickly enter the same frequency for calls, no need to enter a specific frequency complex.


Universal antenna, can replace the different length of the antenna according to their own needs when climbing,driving,or indoor environment.


Channel search to support frequency between 87-108M Hz. When you listen to the radio, walkie talkie call priority, do not omit any information received.

Free key function, automatic identification of the volume to send, free hands, communication more secure and free.

Digital filtering technology can effectively filter the interference signal and noise. Even in a complex environment can still guarantee a good call effect.

  1. Does it comes in a pair or just one piece?
    This price is for one piece. We suggest you buy two if you want use it for team communication when outdoors.
  2. What is the frequency band of Xiaomi Mijia Walkie-talkie? Is it available out of China?
    Public Channel: 409MHz-410MHz (20 Channels) Remote Channel: 430MHz-440MHz , 144MHz-148MHz Please check your area include these channel, then it will be ok. Actually the pubic channel is universal in the world.
  3. Display in Chinese or English?
    Currently it only support Chinese. We will provide you English interface picture about the Chinese that ensure you use it accessibly.
  4. Can I insert headset to convert messages?
    Xiaomi Mijia walkie-talkie supports 3.5mm interface headset , but you need to pay attention to the following two points: ① Headphones without mic can only be used to receive, not work with conversation launch; ② Headphones comes with mic, need to press the walkie-talkie PTT button,launching through the headphone mic hole. Because of the headset structure, a few categories of headphones can not be matched.

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