Vvfly Snore Circle 3.0 Smart Anti-Snoring Device Sleep Aids

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  • Invention Patented ,The World's Smartest Anti-Snoring Device
  • Smart snore stopper with advanced bone conduction and sound recognition technologies adapt to you
  • Using food grade silica gel as the shell material, green medical grade without wound snore stopping effect, quietly take care of your every sleep
  • Lithesome:The shape accord with human body engineering. 20 grams of weight, light as a feather, so you can take it wherever you go
  • It carries on uninterrupted date recording of sleep of the user, through bluetooth 4.0 and mobile phone App software can show all the date and sleep status of the user

Product Description

Snore Circle precisely identifies snoring sounds with the bone conduction and sound recognition technologies, and then intervenes physically with micro sounds and micro vibrations at 54 levels to stop snoring and make you sleep better.

Product Information

Product Name Vvfly Snore Circle 3.0
Version 3.0
Physical intervention levels 54
MaterialEcological soft silicone
Battery capacity80mAh
Applicable mobile phones iPhone 4S or later; Android 4.3 or later;

Package List:
Main Unit *1

Earplugs * 2

Data cable *1

User's manual *1

From the Manufacturer


Snore Circle can precisely identify snoring sounds through its advanced bone conduction and sound recognition technologies.


It can automatically enter the preset working mode, to give out very small sound or vibrations of 54 levels for physical intervention.


By viewing data on Snore Circle App, you can monitor your sleep quality, check your statistics, and master your health status.

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  1. How does SnoreCircle work?
    Snoring is mainly caused by the vibration in the soft palate as a result of the relaxation that occurs in your throat muscles that keep the airway unobstructed. Our SnoreCircle precisely detects and identifies snoring sounds with the bone conduction and sound recognition technologies, and then intervenes physically with micro sounds and micro vibrations at 54 levels. When the intervention is successful, the soft tissue at the back of the throat will contract and tighten to open the airway wider, so that you breathe smoothly, and thus stop or diminish snoring.
  2. Is SnoreCircle harmful to the human body?
    SnoreCircle does no harm to the human body because it is worn only during sleep time, it works automatically upon startup without the need to turn on Bluetooth, and it is made of ecologically sound silicon.
  3. Where can I download the App?
    iPhone users can go to the App Store,Android users can go to the Google play, and search for SnoreCircle.
  4. Is it noisy? Could it wake me up?
    It may take about 3 days for a small part of customers to adapt to SnoreCircle, and during this process, they may be woken up very occasionally. After this short period has elapsed, however, the customer will enjoy a good night sleep and feel refreshed in the morning.
  5. Is it a must for SnoreCircle to work with the app?
    You can use SnoreCircle alone, which can work and store data on its own. To view the data, you need to download the SnoreCircle App and bind your product via Bluetooth for data synchronization.
  6. Is this the latest snore circle?
    Yes, it is the latest 3.0 version.