Linbell G4 Self-Powered Wireless Doorbell - No batteries required Easy installation and setting Wireless doorbell multiple chimes

Linbell G4 Self-Powered Wireless Doorbell

No batteries required Easy installation and setting Wireless doorbell multiple chimes
Free plug adapters included according to your country.
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  • Self-powered ( No need battery ) more convenient for user, better for environment
  • Long Range Wireless doorbell, signal can pass through doors, walls, floors.
  • 36 selectable ringtones is good for your ears and each of them can separately match one receiver, which can help you to tell which door is knocking.
  • The volume is adjustable and high enough to cover your house
  • Power off memory; Receiver is smaller than ever before, saving space of your socket
  • No wire wiring required and easy installation and setting
  • Wireless doorbell with multiple receivers: You can choose the number of receivers according to your house area and building structure
Product Description

Linbell is easy to install, requires no wiring and requires no battery replacement. G4 is more progressive than G2 for the smaller receiver size,adjustable volume and Door identify via ringtone, as well as power off memory.

Product Information
Transmitter Size 83 mm*46 mm*20mm
Transmitter Frequency433.92MHz
Transmitter Needed Strength<5N
Transmitter Standby Power Consumption0W
Transmitter Lifespan >200 thousand times
Receiver Size 83 mm*48 mm*23.5mm
Receiver Frequency433.92MHz
Receiver Wireless Distance About 60m(open area)
Receiver Standby Power Consumption0.25W
Receiver Voltage110V-240V AC
Receiver PlugUS,UK,EU,Chinese Version
Receiver Max Volume100dB
Receiver Adjustable levels of volume4 levels
From the Manufacturer

Stick or install the transmitter anywhere you like.


One receiver to multiple transmitters.


One transmitter to multiple receivers.


Programmed with 36 types of ring tones and adjustable on the volume.Pick the favorite one for your family!


Converting the kinetic energy of the switch actuation into a voltage pulse, powering an RF transmitter and sending signals to the receiver.


The evaluation board contains a connection unit for RS232 to USB, one reset key, and one buzzer.

Customer Reviews
Good Product
By OldnGray on March 1, 2017
I plan to buy G3, seller just told me the new version is selling. I compare all versions, and decide to try the new one. Everything goes perfectly. I really love the design of no battery!