Button Smart Dog Tag - smart wearable device for your dog

Button Smart Dog Tag

smart wearable device for your dog
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  • ​Comprehensive Activity Monitoring
Product Description

Comprehensive Activity Monitoring

Be aware of what "It" is doing

With its built-in precision motion sensor, Button Smart Dog Tag can record your dogʼs activity 24/7 and sleep quality, calculate the calorie consumption.Youʼll be able to know that you're indoor or outside by its unique optical sensor and measure your dogʼs daily performance.

Activity Record

Keep track of varying activities of your pet every day, as well as the data comparison

on daily, monthly and yearly.

Ordinary Activity

vitality index in 1 cumulative minute< 420

Intense Activity

vitality index in 1 cumulative minute >420

Walking Record

how long did your walk your dog daily

Historical Activity Data

compare and analyze dog's activity

Sleep Record

Keep track of sleep quality of your pet, including

deep sleep, light sleep and historical sleep record etc.

Outdoor Activity Monitoring

It has built an environment optical sensor inside, which can exactly know time of your pet's activity outdoor and analyze its fitness synthetically.

Vitality Index

Reflect Real Exercise of Your Dog

"Vitality Index" is orginal with Button Smart Dog Tag. It is an exercise calculation suitable for pet according to the momentum theory of moving object. Dog is 4-legged animal and has a different exercise calculation from human, so steps calculation is not available for it.

Dog can "Speak"

read your dog's mind in one second

Motion sensor can collect information about activity,sleep and outdoor activities of your dog, then button internet background will analyze your pet's feeling and illness combining average data of massive dogs according to

advice of professional vet.

Find Your Dog Intelligently QR Code against Lost

Step one: scan QR code on the back.

Step two: add information of reward, picture and contacts

Sharing Dog's Activity with Your Family, Focusing on Your Pet Remotely

Dog's activity data can be shared on several phones, and others can view these data by sharing as long as one person synchronizes.

No worries during working and business trip.

Fashion Design, 4 months Endurance

Seamless design, inspired by "gold inlaid with jade", and usage of anodized aluminum wrapped in transparent material integrally, crystal clear and graceful.

Weight 9.3 g and thickness 8.6 mm, free from burden for dog's wearing. Using PMMA as the main material,to ensure you can walk the dog at night transparently. Through the inside spraying , CNC carved, and other complex processes, it can achieve integration of interior and exterior.

Medical Silicone Base

considerate design for wear, more safe and reliable

We use silicone, medical level and German wacker R401, as our base not only for its coincidence with Commission Regulation (EU) AP(2004) 5, but also for its high aging resistance and ultraviolet resistance. It is also easy to clean and fitting in with pet living environment.