How can Dry Battery are Charged by USB


Nowadays, the battery is absolutely inseparable from our daily lives. Especially the No.5 AA battery and No.7 AAA battery, they are more widely used. For example, in many household appliances remote control, toys, digital products. In order to use convenient, many people choose to use rechargeable batteries. But when the rechargeable battery is in use, a matching charger is a must-be. So is there a good way to make rechargeable batteries no longer need a charger?

Recently, a new battery called SORBO, which completely solved this problem. This battery looks similar to the traditional rechargeable batteries, has not much difference. The only thing is that there is a Micro USB interface on the battery. The user can charge this battery by connect the computer USB interface through the data line.

The limiting current of this battery is intelligent, and it can be directly used in the charging plus board, mobile phone charger, car charger, and other conventional output such as computer USB port, and the fast charging time only 1 hour, the battery capacity is up to 1200 mAh. As we know, the same capacity of other battery at least needs 5-8 hours.

SORBO fast charging USB battery aa rechargeable battery and aaa rechargeable battery uses intelligent IC technology, the lithium battery is security and environmental protection, with multiple security protection to prevent overcharge, over current and leakage. It can be at ease used by the elderly and children. With the rated 1.5V voltage output, toys will not run more and more slowly any more, the higher requirement on the voltage of the electronic products such as digital cameras, flash and bright flashlight can also be used. The performance is very powerful, right?