A New Creative USB AA/AAA Rechargeable Battery


AA/AAA dry battery is a must-be commodity in our life. RC, Electronic toys, Mouse and Lighting equipment couldn’t work without it. But the dry battery also cause troubles to our environment for its non-recyclable and higher single use fee features. Evolutionary than ordinary dry battery, Rechargeable battery seems to solve the recyclable issue, while who would like to carry an ugly and bulky charger and keep long hours waiting its full charging every day? Well, USB AA/AAA Rechargeable Battery emerges at the right moment.

SORBO Battery Suit1.The Way that Traditional Rechargeable Battery Works: Special charger required

You have to use the special charger if you want to recharge the battery. And 5-12 hours is also needed if it is fully charged. As charging, the voltage becomes self-discharge either. Less durable than you think.

  • 2.Charger with USB Port: You still need the charger base.

What is worth mentioning is that you can get rid of the socket, charge the battery anytime anywhere with the USB port, but you still can’t get rid of the bulky charger base and long charging time.

xiaomi zi5

Xiaomi ZI5 MINH Rechargeable Battery Charger

  • 3.USB One Hour Quick Charge Battery

The best worthy battery of 2016. One hour quick charge makes it more convenient and portable; 1.5 V constant voltage output is durable than ever; No battery memory effect ensure your battery’s capacity all the time; Low self-discharge rate and 1000 times recycle seems more environmental. It can be widely used in daily life, unplug the battery cap can be in the computer, vehicle mounted USB interface.

Most people have already been enjoying its efficiency. You also deserve one.

Now we have AA and AAA Battery:

SORBO Battery AA




We also prepare the AA&AAA Combination Suit for you.

SORBO Battery Suit


There is also one similar product which does not sale on Geecr. You can buy it from below links:



Dry battery is still useful, but it’s time to embrace high-tech goods, right?

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