XuanWheel Cycplus Bike Wheel Lights

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Product Description

XuanWheel Cycplus Bike Wheel Lights is a programmable bicycle light that turns your bicycle wheel into a colorful screen. It is controlled by mobile phone App. You can download a variety of pictures or upload your own pictures, video, GIF and DIY your own text or pictures.

The App will monitor your riding speed, maximum speed and record your journey time and mileage. It will let you become a happy and free rider.

  • Programmable bicycle wheel light
  • Serve as a mobile signal light for night ride security
  • Consists of 96(S1) ultra-bright RGB LEDs which ensures bright, clear, and vivid display effect
  • 750-1500mAh built-in rechargeable battery, keeping the power on for 10 hours when fully charged. It displays the clearest image in a speed of 10km/h-50km/h
  • Shockproof and waterproof in all road/weather conditions
  • Fits for 24 inches bike wheel or above. Easy to install!
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.3 and above, iOS 8.0 and above system
Product Information
Type DIY Bike Wheel Lights
Size 483*70*28mm(S1)
LED Qty96pcs (S1)
Net Weight119g (S1)
Total Weight312g (S1)
Lighting Color 8 colors
LED Type RGB LED lights
USB Interface micro-USB interface
Battery Capacity 750mAh (S1)
Charging Time 2 hours (S1)
Working Hour10 Hours
Fit for 24 inch and above bike wheel
Best Riding speed 16km/h-50km/h (S1)
ControlBluetooth 4.0 + APP
ApplicationSupport Android 4.3 and above, iOS 8.0 and above

What's in the Box:

1x Bike Wheel Light
1x USB charging cable
1x User Guide

How to Download APP:

Search "xuanwheel" in google play or apple store and download, scan QR code on user manual for installation tutorial video

Functions: APP pictures, photographs, moving images can be displayed on the wheels, including riding time, riding distance and riding speed

This product is for one wheel, Suggest to buy two XuanWheel for your bike.

Difference Between The Old Version and The Upgraded Version:

  1. The Upgraded XuanWheel Bike Lights come without the magnet sensor, belts and cewdriver, which means it becomes easier to install than the old one. You do not need to concern the direction and magnet corrector.
  2. The Upgraded One fits 24 inches bike wheel or above, making it available on small bike wheels. The old XuanWheel fits 26 inches or above.
  3. The Upgraded XuanWheel Lights are lighter than the old one. Its battery life also becomes more endurable.
  4. There are some improvements on the Software Code.

Related Video Shorts
  1. Why the image displayed on XuanWheel is regular illumination all along rather than the image transmitted by app?
    The booting pattern of XuanWheel are some sequentially illuminated LEDs flowing regularly. If there aren’t any images, first make sure each magnet has fixed to the white piece at the end of the light arm and two light arms are firmly connected by the linking wire. When you make sure the magnets have fixed to the white piece, three lights in the middle of the light arm will go out. Then open the menu to the left in app and make sure XuanWheel has connected to app through Bluetooth. In the end, you can change pictures freely by choosing a picture and clicking send button.
  2. Why one of the light arm can’t normally display?
    If the auxiliary light arm can’t normally display while the main arm can function normally, please check whether the white piece(sensor) of the light arm has fixed to the magnet or not. If the patterns displayed by two light arms are not exactly the same, please make sure the linking wire connecting two arms has successfully connected and upload pictures again.
  3. Can XuanWheel bind to mobile phone?
    You can active the binding function at setting menu. After activating, XuanWheel would automatically bind to corresponding bicycle wheel when successfully connected and the certain wheel in app can not connect to other XuanWheel. When disconnecting, discharge binding the front wheel and back wheel on setting page.
  4. What should i do if the LED Lights got broken?
    The LED Lights have high quality and won't break easily. Its lifespan usually is 3-5years. We also provide you with quality guarantee.

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