VANRRO V1 Electric Nail Clipper

Trimmer Tool for Children and Senior, Manicure for Woman
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Product Description

VANRRO V1 Electric Nail Clipper is the first electric nail clipper applied with the innovative blades, it is safe and convenient. The patented technology and alloy material on it can clip the nail and protect your skin at the same time.

  • 100% safe and effective for child and the senior or people with poor eyesight, no harm to your skin.
  • Fingernails and toenails are carefully trimmed into the shape you want, such as square, rounded and so on.
  • All angle position are available, easy to file the corner; 360 degrees curve surface trimming makes your nails more evenly and smoothly than clippers.
  • No more flying nails & no more mess. Semi-transparent storage is easy to open and clean the nail ash.
  • More humanized design than regular nail file, free will to handle and carry.
  • Stylish gift for woman, offering them a new manicure experience.
  • Battery( AAA ) and USB rechargeable two options.

Available for children and senior, but we suggest the children under 8 year old should be trimmed by parents or adults.


Stylish gift for woman, can be trimmed into any shape you want, offering you a new manicure experience.

Product Information
Item VANRRO V1 Electric Nail Clipper
Product Model V1
Size 155*33*41mm
Rated 100mA/4.5V
Battery3*1.5V LR03 AAA Batteries(not included)
Weight 105g
Indicator light1(Blue)
Push Button 1
Accessory Cleaning Brush

Package List:

1*VANRRO V1 Electric Nail Clipper(rose gold)

1*Cleaning Brush

1*User Guide

More About VANRRO V1 Electric Nail Clipper

You can put V1 in your bag, and use it in all the occasion. Outdoor, office, home anywhere you have the time.

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  1. Does it work on toe nails?
  2. Will it work on dogs?
    We do not suggest you use V1 for dogs' claws, cause they are too tough to file.
  3. Can i use it to trim my baby's nails? I always on him to cut his nails accidentally.
    Yes, this is actually a very good item for kids. We suggest the children under 8 year old should be trimmed by parents or adults.
  4. How does it work? Just like ordinary trimmer with blades?
    Vi includes Girale blade and Optiframe. The special customized design and manufacture technology applied to keep all perfect space protect the skin, achieving 360 degree curve surface trimming.
  5. How long does this clipper last?
    Applied with long duration,1080 hours working time.

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