Portable UV Sterilization Drying Box

UV disinfection box, Close fitting clothes drying box, Disposable mask disinfection and manicure instruments disinfection machine. Double sterilization to prevent virus.
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Product Description

Portable UV Sterilization Drying Box is set sterilization, drying and deodorization in one, using pasteurization technology and UV ultraviolet sterilization technology, sterilization rate of 99.9%. The clothes can be dried and disinfected immediately after washing. Small and portable but with large internal space. Effectively protect the health of you and your family from viruses.

  • Triple efficient. 60-70 degrees Celsius thermal cycle + pasteurization + ultraviolet sterilization. It can sterilize items in frequent contact, and more effectively prevent viruses. (Do not use hot air to disinfect electronic products)
  • Hot air circulation drying. Thermal energy is extended to everywhere of the box to achieve 360-degree uniform drying. The hot air function can be selected for 3 hours or 5 hours. It takes 30 minutes for a pair of underwear to dry, 2 hours for a set of underwear, and 4 hours for a T-shirt.
  • Compact and portable and intimate details. The double-layer design increases the suspended area of the articles and improves the sterilization and drying efficiency. This product uses ABS fire-resistant and flame-retardant material, which is not heat-resistant. The porous design is used to keep wind and circulate.

Product Information
Rated input5V/2A
Disinfection power200W
UV wavelength253.7nm
Sterilization time5 minutes
Heating time10 minutes
Working humidity10%-80%
Working temperature-10°C-45°C
Outer dimension300*200*120mm

What's in the Box:

1 * Disinfection Box

1 * Charging Cable

1 * Manual


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