FPlife Lockbook Diary With Fingerprint Lock

Integrate fingerprint technology to your life
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  • The Lockbook is a refillable personal notebook / organizer / planner / diary with lock / journal with lock that can be secured via biometric fingerprint reader so that you only have access to its contents.
  • Privacy Protection - Protect your privacy with a biometric fingerprint sensor.
  • All-in-One Notebook - Lockbook is a planner, sketchbook, document holder, journal and organizer in one. Mix and match with all kinds of high-quality refill paper, memos, and accessories. Just DIY a notebook with your style.
  • High-quality Imitation Leather Material - Makes Lockbook waterproof, high-scratch resistance and easy for cleaning.
  • Comes with a USB port, can be charged easily.
  • For protect girl's secret, for adults, for business
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Product Description

The world’s first writing notebook with a biometric fingerprint sensor. With Lockbook you manage your information securely, while never sacrificing style. It's a really functional invention than normal writing notebook. We use high quality ink-friendly paper - ideal for smooth writing. Lockbook fingerprint diary has multiple pockets so you can organize documents, pictures, cards, pens and any other item you need to keep on hand. Lockbook is the perfect combination of style, privacy and efficiency.

Product Information
Type of sensor Active semicunductor sensor
Lifetime more than 10 millions times
Reaction time less than 0.5 seconds
Number of registrable fingerprints 2
Type of battery Lithium Polymer Battery
Battery capacity 3.7V 160mAh
Charging port Micro USB
Input voltage 5V
Standby time 60 days
Net Weight 640g
External size Millimeters: 236*182*24.6
Inches: 9.3*7.2*1
Material of frame Polyurethane, plastic
Material of cover SVEPA Thermo PU Leather
Page size A5
Layout Ruled Paper
Pages 100 (Paper 50)
Binding Style 6 hole loose leaf
Power consumption during hibernationless than 10uA
Normal temperature -20℃ to 70℃ or -4ºF to 158ºF

Package List:

1 x FPlife Lockbook Fingerprint Lock Notebook

1 x Micro USB charging cable

1 x Reset pin

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  1. How long is the battery gonna work? Do you have other sizes?
    There is a 160mAh polymer lithium battery in the FPlife Lockbook. After one full charge(usually, it takes 90 mins), it can continue to be used for 3 months. We don’t have other sizes currently, but you can follow some updates on our website, Facebook, or email us to get the latest news.
  2. What kind of material is FPlife Lockbook Made of?
    The leather we used is an SVEPA PU leather(Simulation leather material). It passed CONFIDENCE IN TEXTILES certifications and good for the environment.
  3. That’s awesome. We could of used that in high school. What is the size of the paper? And the holes on the paper?
    Thanks for your support. I think it’s really cool lockbook for students. For your questions, standard A5 paper, 6 holes.
  4. Does the battery require maintenance as the lockbook keeps running?
    Nope. The power might run out if hasn't been used for long. Please make sure it’s fully charged.
  5. I already carry around a journal/planner. I was wondering what kind of warranty is going to be available.
    As with electronic accidents do happen. One year warranty on electrics components except for leather accessories. The extra charge might be considered after the warranty expires.
Customer Reviews
   By Da************* on January 14, 2018
Usually, I go out with my backpack, and now with this notebook in my backpack, I feel assured and safe.
   By Sm******** on January 11, 2018
The space inside is pretty large, I can put my iPhone 8 inside, though it was a bit difficult to do so. This notebook is more luxurious than I expected, I even felt like it’s a waste to write on it, however, the paper inside is replaceable, so I could write as I want.
   By T.****** on January 3, 2018
It takes some getting used to in the beginning. But after a I got used to it, it was really awesome, and especially the fingerprint lock is surprisingly amazing. I have ordered three of them, one for myself and two for my friends.
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