Multi-role motion sensor lights make my life more convenient


I love to make new combination and use of household articles and have created many smart household devices. Recently, I got a small product called motion sensor light, which is simple but smart. Although it seems to be not really useful, I bought two and have a try, and they turned out to be amazing.

This light will turn itself on when someone approaches it, and turn off when the person leave. Some sort of human body sensor must have been built in it. For your information, introductions to the sensor are provided:



Similar to a voice-activated sensor light, it turns on when needed. However, the voice-activated sensor light may turn on when sensing really small sound, and when you want it to turn on, you need to make loud noise. It’s really inconvenient. Motion sensor light can be regarded as an updated version of the voice-activated sensor light. You don’t have to make any sound. It just turns on when you come, and turn off when you leave.

At first, I just put it in my wardrobe. The light in my bedroom cannot reach the inside part of wardrobe, so every time I open my wardrobe in the evening I have to use a torch light. When I stuck the motion sensor light in the wardrobe, amazing things happened. The wardrobe would be illuminated once I opened the door. I even recorded the moment with my own camera.

[ Motion sensor light turns on automatically when I open the wardrobe ]

Later I discovered new situation for this light. The lamp was beyond my reach when I slept at night. I can’t turn it on when I woke up at night and wanted to go to the bathroom. So I came up with the idea of installing the motion sensor light below my bed. When I woke up at night, the light would turn on when I put my feet in the slippers. So convenient it is, I have recommended my friends to use it. They also find it very useful.

[ The motion sensor light turns itself on when I went to the bathroom at night ]

I like to make new combinations of small things and give many normal things magic use. My friends always say that I am resourceful. New ways of using it makes it a smart device de facto. I even installed one on the shoe cabinet beside the door of my house. Every time I came back home and opened the door, the light would turn on automatically, which makes me feel warm and sweet. It’s like someone is waiting for me at home. Oh my god, really amazing.

[ Motion sensor light turns on when I come home and open the door ]

I also want to install some motion sensor lights along the spiral stairs, which can illuminate the steps, really friendly to senior people.

By the way, it can be charged through USB port. The battery life can be as long as several days.