Does Vvfly Snore Stopper work for heavy snorers? (II)


Does Vvfly Snore Stopper work for heavy snorers? (I)

The company also provides an APP named “snorecircle”. This APP works on phones of IOS and Android systems. According to the introduction from the company, this product works by first detecting the snores with analysis of sound and bone conduction technology, then intervening by making noise or vibrating to let the users’ muscle around the throat shrink and open the channel for breathing. As a result, snoring will be stopped or alleviated. The company hopes that it can stop snoring or decrease the times or decibel of snores, alleviate the problem of parched mouth and ozostomia, improve the quality of sleep, and decrease the time of apnea. Can it solve the problem? According to my understanding and the company’s suggestion, the effect differs on different people, and the snorer should keep using it for long to see the effect.

This APP itself can be used as a snore recorder. It uses the microphone on the mobile phone to monitor the frequency of snoring and analyzes the sound. We know from the APP that Vvfly will also sell sleep pillow in the future, a very interesting idea. Meanwhile, the APP also displays the battery life and allows the user to change the timing of intervention, sensitivity, intensity of stimulating and so on.

As for the detailed data chart, the first page shows the condition, time and quality of sleep through pie charts. And you can find in this chart that I had really poor sleep. Most time at night I was in light sleep. So in the sleep I could feel that the beep sound will get strong and weak along with the change of my snores. When the sound gets loud I can even feel vibration, which can wake me up immediately. According to the company’s explanation, users need time to get used to it.

On the second page, you will find the analysis of snores. It classifies users according to the intensity of snores and offers statistics on the times of snores and how many times has this product successfully stopped snoring. As a heavy snorer, I’ve got a low but increasing times of successful rate, which made me feel worthy of a longer try.

Interestingly, the APP defines the noise of my snores as that of 200 mosquitos. Terrible, right? It also provides the user with a map made according to professional terms on different stages of sleep. It also offers snoring data in 15 days, 3 months and even half a year.

I’ve tried this Vvfly snore stopper for several days. Its technology is way better than stimulating your wrist. But it still uses the mode of reminding the snorer to control their behavior in subconscious. According to data offered by the APP, I believe that my snore problem has been alleviated, at least better than the days I didn’t use it. After all, I have a severe snore problem. To stop my snoring problem, there is still a long way to go. For those whose problem is not serious, their problem will be alleviated by adopting good habit in daily life, having enough sleep and controlling their weight. At last, I hope that in the future China’s companies can introduce the technology of Airing minimum ventilator released abroad.