Does Vvfly Snore Stopper work for heavy snorers? (I)


When someone falls into asleep, there will be a channel in his or her respiratory tract for breath—the throat, if the channel narrows due to physical or pathological reasons, the breath will get stuck and noise are made, which we call snores. It usually happens on people who have weight problem, whose muscle around the throat is flabby, or who have throat inflammations. I have suffered from severe snore problem for years.

I had gone to the hospital for examination. It turned out that I had turbinate hypertrophy and sleep apnea syndrome. The biggest problem brought by snore is the poor sleep in years, which led to low spirit and heavy memory loss during the day. But the most frustrating problem is that my wife got Neurasthenia due to my loud snores at night. I’d thought about surgery but it is said that it might not be good and I could relapse. What’s more, I’m afraid of the scalpel and blood. So I abandoned this idea. And I once bought a weird snore stopper which I wore on my wrist during at night. It monitored the decibel of my snores and reminded me by stimulating my skin through an electrode. It had no sound effect and I threw it away after several days.

So I was half-doubtful and half-hopeful about the tryout activity for Vvfly Snoring Circle. Fortunately, I got the opportunity to use it. This snore stopper has a normal look like a hearing-aid or a Bluetooth headset. However, it adopted some fascinating technology, such as Luo Wave and Bone Conduction technology. As for the Luo-wave, according to their introduction, refers to the special wave discovered by the founder of the company Luo Qiang. Can it stop snoring and let people sleep quietly? I’ll tell you later.

The Snoring Circle is relatively cheap. Placed in a craft paper box, this snore product has a shallow and normal package. But I’ve got used to it since many electronic products have similar packaging style due to their attention on green package and cost.

Among the fittings are three silicone gel headsets of different sizes: large, medium and small, a USB charging cable, a manual, and a must-read card. According to this thoughtful card, you can change the way of wearing it to avoid the pain caused by the strong clamping force. And you can change the intensity and sensitivity of the product on the app Snoring Circle. This function makes it useful for patients with different degree of snores. But the last sentence reads that this product won’t be suitable for all people. And you can get refund if you find out that it doesn’t works for you after one month.

Like I said previously, this snore stopper offers medical-use silicone gel headsets of three different sizes. People with different lengths of ear canals can find the one they feel most comfortable. As I have got used to in-ears, I don’t feel uncomfortable after wearing it for long at night. Moreover, once you’ve find the best clamping force for you, it won’t fall from your ear when you turn over in your sleep. It just fits my ear. The producer must have introduced the technology of ergonomic.

To give you a more vivid picture of what this product looks like, I illustrate the size in the official introduction. And it only weighs 18g. Really light, isn’t it? I really want to tear it apart to have a look at the high-tech in this circle. As I’m just in a tryout process I won’t do it this time, but sooner or later.

The switch button is at its flank. It’s a push switch. The switch and the Bluetooth mark all have background lights. When it is switched on and the Bluetooth got connected, there will be a blue and a green indicator light.

There is a dust cover on the charging port, which is very thoughtful. You can connect the product with the USB port of a computer or the charging port of the mobile phone. It is worth noting that 7 hours under the Bluetooth mode will consume nearly half of the power, so you have to charge it every other day. But the company said that the battery life will be longer if you don’t connect it with the mobile phone through Bluetooth, because this mode is mainly for data synchronization.

As you can see, this circle fixes good on the ear. If you feel pain in your ear you can take it off and reshape it. By the way, you may feel uncomfortable when you have kept it on your ear for long for the first night, but you’ll get used to it after several days. I prefer to wear it on my right ear. If you want to wear it on the left one, you just need to spin the silicone gel headsets.