Cao Siming’s PP Gun: Players’ Experience is at the Core (II)


Cao Siming’s PP Gun: Players’ Experience is at the Core (I)

A similar product has been released abroad. What do you think of it?

There is a similar product on an overseas crowd funding platform. Its major functions are similar to Cao’s design. “They haven’t improved their details. The point is that they can only be applied for AR games, not for electronic sports.” Besides, this product adopts the mechanical transmission system. When you pull the trigger, a robotic arm will touch the shooting button on the screen. It’s a design that needs improvement.

Cao hopes that their products can be adopted by most FPS competitions. “It will be very exciting to see two teams play an FPS game holding guns and really making moves.” In order to make the product applicable to more games, Cao’s team will also develop an App and they hope that more developers will start to design games. “It is easy for many FPS games to adapt to the gyroscope sensor, for the game is already there and you just need to change the algorithm for control. In the future, we hope that game developers and we can promote each other’s products.” He will also promote his product on this year’s China Joy.

Cao believes that their product is the best on users’ experience and the structure. And he is also clear that it’s unrealistic to gain all market shares. Providing target customers with what he believes is good has already made it a success.

Let’s try it.

The author played a VR FPS game using Cao’s product. I felt much better shooting with this gun than clicking buttons on the screen. Since this is the first try, I spent some time to get used to it. As it introduces a different mode, it is necessary to learn the new operating method. After getting used to it, I started to experience the feeling of shooting.

In order to make comparison between this product and other gun-shape controls, I played several shooting video games in a game center. The major difference is on how to use the sight. The controls of video games are just toys and players won’t feel exciting when they aim the gun at the target, because the sight is just a spot on the screen. I have once served in the military and shooting was a common practice. Although PP Gun won’t make you feel exactly the same as shooting with a real gun, players will still feel great when they hold the PP Gun and shoot.