Xiaomi Huahuacaocao Smart Flower Pot

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  • Built-in Moisture and Fertilizer Sensors - You can accurately measure the amount of water present in the vessel and a spy outside the vessel allow you to monitor the status of the plant; The sensor is placed at the side of the vessel which will not interfere with the root's growth.
  • Indicator Monitor - To alert you when your plant needs watering and fertilizing, or the pot's charge status via four colors.
  • Long Standby Time - Mi Smart Flower Pot is built in 350mAh battery which guarantees high accuracy measurements for 60 to 90 days on a single charge (micro USB). The charging port uses silica gel plug, which can directly clean.
  • Full Species Coverage - Database supports more than 3,000 different flower and plant species with customized care recommendations for each.
  • Friendly APP - Connects via Bluetooth to a free, user-friendly mobile app (compatible with iOS & Android). And lets you monitor the “vitals” of your plant.
  • IPX6 Waterproof - Support directly clean by running water, ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • ABS High Strength Material - The overall design uses ABS high strength material, not easy for corrosion.
  • Comes with The Tray - Never worry about excess water or spilled soil staining or damaging you household surfaces again.
Product Description

Xiaomi Huahuacaocao Smart Flower Pot with some smart features built-in such as moisture and fertilizer sensors to alert you when your plant needs care. The flower pot comes with an accompanying app that lets you monitor the “vitals” of your plant and let’s you know when the 350mAh in-built battery needs a recharge. The battery is pretty strong, as you might end up not charging it more than four times in a year. The app also provides info on more than 3200 species of plants and how to care for them.

Product Information
Brand Huahuacaocao
Weight 500g
SizePot: 165*165*161mm
Tray: 158.5*158.5*12.5mm
Wireless Connection Bluetooth 4.1
Input Voltage5V
Battery Polymer lithium battery
Battery Capacity 350mAh
Input Current 200mA

Package List:

1 x Xiaomi Huahuacaocao Smart Flower Pot

1 x Tray

1 x Charging Cable

1 x User Manual