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UIXOO Intelligent Vacuum Wine Preserver

Smart wine corks stoppers for bar drink wine accessories home vacuum preservation with temperature display
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Product Description

Once the wine bottle opens and air starts filling in, the oxidation starts. How to slow down this oxidation process and prolong the wine shelf life? It is a concern for all wine lovers. Due to this, we have developed this intelligent Vacuum Wine Preserver.

This product can automatically evacuate the air inside of bottle and readily detect changes in air pressure inside the bottle using supplementary pump to ensure the pressure inside the bottle maintains a steady vacuum state to keep the original taste for the unfinished wine and to extend the life and freshness of the wine.

This product can also record and display the storage time for the stored wine and can display the wine storage temperature to ensure the product is as fresh as when it was first opened. With a built in rechargeable battery and an LCD display, ensures the utmost convenience for the wine lover.
It comes with two stoppers for multiple bottle usage at the same time.

  • Automatically supplementary pumping to always maintain a stable vacuum inside the bottle with dual functions of split or combination, you can use it to many bottles of wine, and easy cleaning
  • Electronic monitoring, automatically vacuum, built-in vacuum pump
  • Automatic Tilt Shut-off Feature to ensure the safe use
  • Wine storage time records to show the best time to drink, always shows the updated temperature
  • LCD Display: convenient and practical Built-in Re-chargeable Battery: portable to use, long standby time
Product Information
Application scope White wine and Red wine ,etc
Bottle diameter 17.5-19.5mm
Operating temperature 5 ℃ ~ 50 ℃; 20% ~ 90% RH
Operating voltage 3.7V
The LCD display yes
Battery Capacity 600mAh
Charging voltage 5V
Charging current 500mA
Standby time 60 days
Size 80×48×68mm Cap on the bottle above 4.9cm

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