Smart Frog USB Mini Fan

Summer office, home, desktop, portable creative fan
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Product Description

Smart Frog mini fan can bring you a different comfort.Touch switch, double fan leaves send out natural wind, 135° elevation Angle adjustment, 30dB silent operation.Cabinet fuselage is easy to carry, can stand on desktop, hang in the head of a bed, also can photograph type to blow.Close by, give you natural breeze.

1. Intelligent electronic touch switch

2. Double flaps for fire safety

3. Noise reduction, 30dB mute operation

4. Safe transverse fine grid design

  • [Electronic Touch Switch]: Advanced touch, dustproof and waterproof, protect the fuselage and extend its life.
  • [Metal Handle Adjustable]:The metal handle can adjust 135° elevation Angle and depression Angle, flexibly changing the air supply Angle.
  • [USB Power Interface]: Instead of a bulky power plug, a USB power connector can be easily connected to a charger, computer, or converter to minimize weight.Increase the portable fan experience.
  • [Horizontal Grid]: Ensure that the minimum degree does not hinder the supply of air, while the maximum protection of user safety.Prevent fingers from being pinched by fan blades or other foreign objects from damaging the fan.

Suitable for study desk, desk, tea table or bedside table.The body is equipped with metal handle, which can be hung or laid flat, and can be adjusted at any Angle.

Product Information
Model Number KW-MF100
The rated voltage 5V
Rated power 3.5W
Rated frequency 50HZ
Switch type touch type
Speed gears two gears
Mode of operation mechanical
Support the charging no
Size 117*112*100mm
Product net weight 0.3kg

What's in the Box:

1* Smart Frog Mini Fan

1* Instructions

1* Cable


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