60 Minutes Pomodoro Timer

Tomato-shaped work timer for Pomodoro time management program
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Product Description

60 Minutes Pomodoro Timer is made for people that are terrible at managing their time. By using this timer, you can well keep focus on your work or study in very simple way. Tomato outlooking makes the timer a perfect gift for your girlfriends or daughter.

Notice: As with all mechanical timers you have to "wind" the bell so it will alarm properly. This is done by simply turning the time past 45 min and then down to the time you want 10 min etc.

  • 60 Minutes Pomodoro Timer - A focus booster helps you to work or study efficiently with the Pomodoro technique.
  • Tomato Style - Super lovable tomato shape. Best twist & turn novelty cute timer!
  • How to Use - Twist and turn the counter and count on it to time. No battery is required!
  • Multi-Functional Stopwatch - Kitchen timer to measure kitchen baking, frying, cooking eggs, pancakes, cookies, cakes at home; Teachers can also use this during classroom activities for preschool and kids
Product Information
Name60 Minutes Pomodoro Timer
Material Plastic
Function Timer
Size4.5*6cm(Standard)@@5.5*6.5cm(Larger Version)

What's in the Box:

1 x 60 Minutes Pomodoro Timer

1.THE RIGHT WAY TO SET MECHANICAL TIMER: Turn the dial all the way around to 60 minutes. Then turn it backwards to the number you actually want.
2.If you aren't following this highly secret and complicated method - that's probably why it's off.
3.Don't force too much.


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