Papa Lamp Retractable IPX4 Waterproof Lamp Outdoor

Multi-purpose lighting, outdoor waterproof wrist lamp, sports portable light, small but not simple.
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Product Description

This is a waterproof and retractable small lamp. Although it is small, it contains 7 major functions. It can repel mosquitoes, move lighting, and be carried as a warning light when traveling outdoors to avoid danger. You can wrap it around your wrist or other places and switch to portable lighting. You can use it as a night light or desk lamp. IPX4 waterproof, even if it rains, you will not be afraid.

  • Mosquito repellent function: Using light waves in the 530-590mm band, this kind of light can help people relieve visual fatigue, but mosquitoes are afraid of this kind of light.
  • Mobile lighting: Switch to lighting mode with the base, which can be used on the desktop or glued to the wall.
  • Strobe warning mode: It can be wrapped around arms, ankles or bicycles, and it can also be switched to portable lighting.
  • Compound and integrated waterproof design: on the road, in the rain, without fear of wind and rain, it will be with you.
  • Detachable base design: free to disassemble and assemble, free to use, and can be adjusted by 100 degrees according to the needs of yourself.
  • Freely shrinking: It is flexible and curled, with a shrinkage ratio of 70%. It can be wound and hung, which is convenient and compact.
  • USB charging is safe and convenient: It uses 5V safety voltage Its built-in large-capacity lithium battery has up to 6h of battery life.


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