PadBot T1 Desktop Telepresence Robot

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Product Description

PadBot T1 is a Micro Virtual + Independent Telepresence Robot, allowing friends, families and business associates to communicate seamlessly via voice and video, in real time. The PadBot T1's flexibility and size allow you to observe surroundings you're not at with a different vision. An aluminum alloy shell highlights and elegant design, which is portable enough to fit into a briefcase. In addition to being a phone charger, the PadBot T1 links to your WiFi and 4G connections, to allow users to control the device remotely to mimic physical movement, using your Apple or Android device. It can be in your office, classroom, home, or even the patient room. The unlimited opportunities only come from the ultimate PadBot T1.

  • Enhances Video-Calling Experience - By simple one click to bring your presence to your lover, family or friends via PadBot T1 whenever wherever.
  • Remote Control - You can connect the T1 to your Wi-Fi or 4G connections to control it remotely to mimic physical movement using your Apple or Android device.
  • Crawler Motion - T1's agile turning motion enables it to maneuver freely, forward and backward, in any environment.
  • Anti-falling and Collision-avoidance System - Which prevents the robot from falling off of elevated surfaces, if it gets too close to the edge.
  • Compact Size and Exquisite Design - An aluminum alloy shell highlights and elegant design, which is portable enough to fit into a briefcase.
  • Quick Charge - You will never have to remember to use the wall charger and charging cables for your mobile devices, because simply just plug it in and PadBot T1 will juicy it up for you.
  • Auto-Answering - Comes with PadBot App, this function will automatically establish a secured connection to PadBot T1 while no one at home so you can patrol around your property to make sure everything is in order.
Product Information
Brand PadBot T1
Product Dimensions 162*131*36mm
Net Weight 460g
Unique Features Auto-Answer, Auto-Charge Phone, Collision Prevention
Tablet Auto-ChargedYes
Network ConnectivityWiFi or 4G LTE
Run Time12 hours with normal usage, 2 hours with extreme usage.
Charge Time4 hours
Video ResolutionDepends on device; but capable of 720p

What's in the Box:

1 x PadBot T1

1 x Charging Cable

2 x Replaceable Adaptors

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