Design your own notebook! Multifunctional Fingerprint Notebook

A fingerprint diary, multifunctional diary, with mobile power, wireless charger and U disk.
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Product Description

Fingerprint notebook with biometric fingerprint sensor and mobile power. With Lockbook, you can manage information securely without worrying about your privacy being leaked. It has a large-capacity mobile power supply of 10,000 milliamps and can also be used for wireless charging of mobile phones supporting wireless charging. Its U disk can also be removed at any time. The paper of the lockbook adopts Beige forest paper core. It can protect your eyes very well. The lockbook has multiple pockets, so you can organize documents, pictures, cards, pens and anything else. It was born to protect your privacy.

  • Fingerprint encryption, protect your privacy with a biometric fingerprint sensor which can prevent fingerprints from being copied.
  • AI predicts fingerprint changes. With a new network algorithm, it can quickly scan images, accurately determine the depth of fingerprints, growth, and dryness of the skin, providing you with financial security.
  • Wireless charging is supported. The mobile phone supporting wireless charging can be put on the wireless sign to realize wireless fast charging.
  • Cable + USB charging port. 10,000mah large capacity power supply, double output, compatible with 95% of electronic products.
  • 32g Hidden U disk, high-speed transmission, more secure data. Compatible with various types of equipment. Support PC, smart TV, car audio and digital broadcast equipment. Plug in at any time can be used.
III. Successful entry: A buzzer, green light is on. Failed entry: Red light is on.

Unlock: IV. Set the finger in the center of the sensor chip. The fingerprint comparison is successful, the green light is on, a buzzer, and the lock is unlocked. Fingerprint comparison failed with red light on.

Deleting a single fingerprint: V. Press the setting hole for 6-10 seconds until the green light LED flashes. Press the corresponding fingerprint to be deleted. Owner can perform continuous delete operations. Timeout: If there is no operation within 10s, it will exit.

Product Information
Product size240*175mm
Inner page size210*142mm
Inner page weight80g
Cover materialPU

What's in the Box:

1 * Lockbook

1 * Charging Cable

1 * Warranty Card


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