Kuner Kuke iPhone 6 / 6s Memory Battery Case

2400mAh rechargeable extended battery, Expanding memory 16/64G
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  • Extend memory 16/64G
  • Recharageable Battery, capacity: 2400mAh
  • Stronger all-in-one design, easier to install
  • One-wire connection, perfect charge and transmission
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 6 6s
Product Description

Kuner Kuke iPhone 6 6s Memory Battery Case is an iphone case with MicroSD (TF) card slot to add storage to iPhone 6 6s and extend iphone memory. iPhone users not only can use Kuner Case to charge their iphone, but also can use it to obtain extra memory. To guarantee the entertainment for one day and travel lightly.

Multi-protection technology to protect various layers of the iPhone 6 and Kuner Battery Case

Kuner Battery Case provides three protective layers including current input end, battery use end and current output end on a circuit design as well as corresponding 9 kinds of elecric parameter monitors and protection functions. The three protective mechanisms and 9 protective functions increase the product liability significanly, avoid product damage under extreme circumstances, effectively ensure the safety of iPhones and prolong the using cycle of iPhone's battery. Besides, Kuner Battery Case provides an additional protective function against 9kV contact electrostatic and 15kV air electrostatic, thus making the protective functions even more comprehensive.

Product Information
Type power and memory Case
Size 4.7 inch
Battery Capacity 2400mAh
Memory 16/64G
Compatible Apple iPhone 6 6sCapacity
Customer Reviews
By Dixiese on December 20, 2016
Very easy to use, design originality! Is not a good solution to the charging process of heating problems, to be improved!
By KellieDes on November 15, 2016
This product is great. Took a while to come in the mail but worth it in the end.