Knorvay N99C Powerpoint Presenter

with Laser and Air Mouse Function
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Product Description

Knorvay N99C is not only a powerpoint presenter, but also an air mouse. It can be used under a variety of circumstances. Firstly it is a great tool for presentations. Using it, you can effortlessly deliver your best presentation by highlighting important details.Meanwhile, it is also a mobile mouse featuring most functions of mouse. Works with multiple operating systems.

How to Use

1. Laser: Turn on/off the laser beam by pressing the laser key.

2. Air Mouse: Press the mouse switch to freely move the cursor. Press again to stop.

3. Label: In the state of PowerPoint full-screen presentation, you can move the cursor to the place where you want to label. And freely draw a line or circle on the screen by holding the label key and move the page pen at the same time.Then stop drawing by releasing.

4. Erase: The marks on the screen can be easily erased by pressing the erase key.

5. Volume: Long press the “Erase” button for 1 second and move up or down the page pen to increase or decrease the volume.

  • Small, Thin and Sleek ( Thickness approximately 1.1cm only)
  • Easy to Use, Multiple Buttons
  • Plug and Play:Dongle keeps within Presenter when not in use ( Easy Storage)
  • Rechargeable ( with internal battery)
  • Works well from a distance ( up to 30 meters): Controls your computer from a distance - Air Mouse function
  • Laser pointer available ( Red color)
Product Information
Transmitter Control Type Wireless
Transmitter Wireless Frequency 2.4Ghz
Transmitter Distance 30 meters
Transmitter Laser Type 3R Type
Transmitter Laser Power <5mW
Transmitter Laser Distance Approx 200m
Transmitter Wavelength 650nm ( Red Light)
Transmitter Battery 300mAh
Transmitter Operating voltage 3.6V to 4.2V
Transmitter Sleep Current <10uA
Transmitter Dimension 120mm*30mm*11mm
Transmitter Gross Weight 33g(without Battery)
Receiver Operating System Window/Mac OS/Linux/Android
Receiver USB TypeCompatible with USB1.1,2.0,3.0
Receiver Operating Voltage 4.5V-5.5V
Receiver Dimension22.7mm*14mm*7.6mm
Receiver Weight2g

Package List:

1 x N99C Presenter

1 x charging cable

1 x instruction manual ( in mandarin)

1 x Carry Case

  1. How do I know wether the battery of Knorvay N99C Powerpoint Presenter has enough power?
    You can directly press the laser key to check the power. If there's no laser beam released when you pressing it, please charge it immediately. And If the indicator flashes slowly, it also means the power is not enough.
  2. What should I do when the mouse cursor does not move smoothly and accurately?
    In this case, you'd better calibrate the product. Place the Powerpoint Presenter on a horizontal and stable plane, then simultaneously press the left mouse button and air mouse button for 2 secs. Blue indicator flashes mean the product has been in the calibration mode, then unclench your hands and try to keep the product still. If the blue indicator flashes 3 secs and goes out after 5 secs lighting, it shows that your calibration has been completed.

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