Emoi 3-in-1 Smart Aroma Diffuser Lamp Speaker

Patent Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser with Music, 7-Color LED Changing Mood Lighting, 1-3 Hour Timer Setting, APP Control for Home and Office
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Product Description

Emoi Smart Aroma Diffuser Lamp Speaker, with its cross-functional design of combining diffuser, humidifier, Bluetooth music player and lamp, is a great expression of emotional design. By adopting smart technology, emoi creatively links product with living environment and people's emotional appeal. This great product gives full display of emoi's consistent design style of simplicity, functionality and aesthetics.

  • [3-in-1 Design] An innovative integration of Bluetooth speaker, LED color lights and aroma diffuser offers a great feast of your senses of hearing, sight, smell, and touch.
  • [Super Fine 100ml Diffusion] Support continuous noise-free use of 3 hours fine misting at 2.4MHz to provide moisture for your body prevent chapped skin and lip. Patent design of vertical diffusing vent is inspired by bubbling spring water in Nature avoids local over moisture. Add 2-3 drops of essential oil to create a fragrant private space. [ESSENTIAL OIL NOT INCLUDED]
  • [Light & Music] LED Multicolor night lights create a romantic atmosphere. Bluetooth speaker could be easily connected to your smart phones and play any music from your phone. Independent sound chamber highlights prominent performance of bass and surrounds sound.
  • [1-3 Hour Timer] Easy timer setting of 1-3 hours allows you to adjust air humidity misting time at will ease during work/sleep/yoga/spa. Waterless auto shut-off function ensures the safety of you and your beloved ones.
  • [APP Control] Bluetooth enabled APP makes you in easy and whole control of diffusion, led lights, music play, and timer setting. APP control supports devices like iPhone 4s/newer, iPad 3/newer, iOS 7/newer and Android 4.0/newer.
  • [Special Gift] As a gift for someone special to you.
  • [Warranty] 1 year.

Personal office desk/ Office/ Meeting roomKeep one at the office to help you relax on your lunch break.


Bedroom/ Study/ Living roomSet one on the bedside table to help your mind and body relax so you can sleep better at night.

Product Information
Product Emoi 3-in-1 Smart Aroma Diffuser Lamp Speaker
Model H0035
Transmission distance10m
Weight 355g
Input DC24V 1000mA
Speaker 3W
Atomizing frequency 2.4Hz
Atomizing time 3hrs
Water capacity 100ml
LED power 0.8W
Materials PP+ABS

Package List:

1 x Emoi 3-in-1 Smart Aroma Diffuser Lamp Speaker
1 x DC Adapter(Length 1.8m)
1 x Measuring Cup(100ml)

How To Use

1.Remove the cover and add add up to 100ml water
2.Add 2 - 3drops(More drops depend on your needs) of natural essential oils
3.Place back the cover and press diffuser button to start
4.Switch on Bluetooth speaker function
5.Connect your device with emoi H0035
6.Play music from your playlist or third party APP
7.Switch on light function
8.Adjust 2 levels of lighting by short pressing the light button
9.Long press the light button to multicolor mode and short press to change static colors.

emoi Smart App is available on both Apple Store and Google Play


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