Deepoon M2 All-in-one VR Headset

Virtual Reality 3D Glasses 96 FOV 5.7 Inch 2K AMOLED Display Immersive Game Video Player
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Product Description

Deepoon all-in-one VR headset is high-end VR product of Deepon brand. It features high performance configuration and low power consumption, brings you the pure VR enjoyment. 360 degrees three-dimensional space interactive system delivers immersive experience. Futhermore, it provides 2D, 3D and panorama format to be choosed.

Authentic VR Enjoyment

Get rid of mobile phone and PC, simple and convenient to use

360 degrees three-dimensional space immersive interaction system

Creative control menu of VR playBBll

360 degrees three-dimensional play system HhHH fully compatible with 2D / 3D / Panorama

High Performance

High performance + high-end screen + high capacity memory + low power consumption + high-speed read-write

  • OS: DeePoon VR OS, including VR Browser, Launcher and Rom.
  • Interaction: For Gaze-Cursor Visual Front Sight Control System (with Touchpad).
  • Much Higher FPS: Offering up to 70HZ FPS, much higher FPS than average
  • Supports Distancing Sensing, Temperature Sensing, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer. Bring Much Convenience & Wonderful Use Experience.
  • Supports Self adapting different population interpupillary distance: 54 ~ 74mm.
  • DeePoon M2 is compatible with myopia range: 0 ~ 600º
  • Built-in 3000mAh rechargeable Li-polymer battery for long standby time
  • The Part which close to face employs soft form design, which is made of double-layer environmental protecting materials (The material is soft and breathable, and will not stimulate the skin of your face).
  • Easy to wear: Use ergonomic design that is suitable for 16 types of face outline, more comfortable to wear and easier to adjust.
Product Information
Brand Deepoon
Model M2
CPU For SAMSUNG Exypons 7420, 8-core A57 + A53
Frequency 4 *2.1GHz + 4 * 1.5GHz
Product Process 14mmFinFET
Floating-point Calculation 209.44GFlops
GPU Mali-T760 MP8@772MHZ
Memory Type Two-channel LPDDR4 1600MHz
Memory Bandwidth 25.6GB/s
Screen 5.7inch 2560 * 1440 AMOLED, supporting 60Hz / 70Hz Refresh Rate
Wireless Network 2,4G/5G Dual Band WiFi
Wireless Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0.
Head fixing T Belt
Face Foam Replaceable
FOV (Field of Visual) 96º
Delay <19ms
Physical interface Headphone Jack, Micro USB,
Color Black

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