Cupcooler Desktop Beverage Instant Cooler

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Product Description

Cupcooler is a smart device that cools down and keeps your drink cold till the last sip. Just plug into your wall socket and wait 60 seconds for the surface plate to cool down. It now supports 4 different plug types (EU/US/AU/UK).

  • Instant cools drink to ice-cold below -18℃(-0.4℉) within 1minute, 6X faster than the fridge in cooling your drink
  • Continuously keep your beverages cool at the temperature between 0°C and 5°C(32~41℉)
  • Compatible with most of the soft drink cans and beer bottles in the market
  • Easy to use, simply plug it in, put your beverage on the device, and it turns it into a satisfying cold drink
  • No more ice cubes are needed. Enjoy a cold undiluted drink anytime
  • Available with 4 different plug types (EU/US/UK/AU)
Product Information
NameCupcooler Desktop Beverage Instant Cooler
Features Desktop beverage cooler, Electric cooling cup, Cup that cools drink
Power Voltage 36w/DC 12V
Cup Material High conductivity aluminium
Lifespan Not less than 10,000hrs
Dimension 124*124*126mm

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