2 in 1 Spinner & Cube

Anti Stress Cube, Magic Cube Decompression Fidget Toy, Stress Release Desk Fidget Cube & spinner
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Product Description

This product is the combination of gyro and cube, which is concise and funny. It can be played by several persons simultaneously like wheel of fortune to. With portability, you can carry it to anywhere to have fun with your friends.

  • Game button-If you are the one who like to press the pen, pls try these buttons. The button sounds strong and clear.
  • Digital turntable-Let's play a game of competition to see who is the MVP, a set of winning or losing.
  • Steel ball roller -With smooth and comfortable hand feeling. You will love it once you touch it.
  • Two way roller-Rotating gear by finger with the different degrees of press. It will bring different comfort experience to your fingers.
  • Rotary dial-It's easier for you to spin and massage your fingertips with the unique bump design.
  • Game turntable-It helps to get the atmosphere up in KTV and the bar, and every time there will be a surprise.
  • Bidirectional push-pull-Poking it up and down by fingers, It will help you to focus your mind and imagine your next step.
  • Key ring is design of magnetic suction -It's easier to carry to the place wherever you want to go. Take off the key, it can be a spinner to meet your different addictions.
  • Spinner-Clamping the two sides of the game turntable upper and lower. It will change into a spinner immediately and will makes your finger happy.
Product Information

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