Why Do You Need an Air Mouse?


The air mouse features customized colors, fabrics, and size of the “gloves”. It’s convenient and cool.

As a kind of wireless mouses, the air mouse has totally got rid of the operation mode that relies on desks. It’s very sensitive and can identify whether the user is typing or using it on the desk.

The size makes an air mouse fit seamlessly to the user’s hand. When you are using it, it feels like nothing is in your hand and your fingers, palm and wrist are always in a comfortable gesture. So there is the least chance that your muscle and joints suffer strains. Different from traditional mouses, the air mouse, which is designed according to the structure of bones and ligaments, makes the user feel more relaxed. For those who have to use mouses all day long, an air mouse can protect them from the “mouse hand”, namely Repetitive Strain Injuries.

The air mouse also has a long battery life even though it is such a light and small device. It can work for a whole week without charging.

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) of it is also optimized. The air mouse offers an interface simulating the standard mouse. It also offers many groups 2D and 3D target information, and access to development of many kinds of applications.

The quality of an air mouse depends on accuracy, smoothness, and whether it is easy to use. The accuracy of the traditional mouse is always measured by dpi. The air mouse, held in the hand of the user, has no separate contact area, so it can only be measured by the pixel when the mouse is moved slightly. An air mouse with high accuracy can point every single character on the screen. And the Air Flying created by deli is such an air mouse that has a variety of functions and is convenient to use.