​The “Telescupe” - A cup can be used as a telescope


When you go sightseeing somewhere, you usually have to take some necessities, including a cup and a telescope. What if you can use your cup as a telescope? Never thought about it, right? Now you can have such a “telescupe”.

This is not the official name of the interesting combination of the two things, but I really like the name I coined, which perfectly display the features with one word. Better life is created by not only inventions, but also combination of things exist. This is a good example: a cup which can be used as a telescope and a kaleidoscope.

It’s not just convenient. This interesting idea from this company can enlighten your life. Inspired by this interesting “telescupe”, you will come up with many ideas of novel combination of different things that can make your life easier and more interesting.

What’s more, this “telescupe” not just looks cool. It has relatively good lens and the body is covered with high quality and beautiful leather material. So It is a good cup and actually a telescope with practical use. It has versions of two colors: brown and black. And the interesting combination can be taken apart.