SORBO II Portable Irrigator


We want to build healthy and healthy life, so love our ass. There are more benefits after flush with SORBO irrigator. And the whole family can use it. Washing healthy is not only a cleaning, but also a healthy life concept. Regardless of household or go out, you can clean carefully at anytime and anywhere. This also can eliminate the risks of your family and your health. SORBO‚Ö°Portable Irrigator is very small, light weight, easy to carry out and no need to plug in. In the meantime it also provides you with intimate upgrade service as below:

1, automatic compression film, the rear cover adds a pressure cushion. This can make the flow more stable. Then the water will not flow into the machine due to unstable air pressure

2, with high density alloy filter screen and pure physical high precision filtration. Through the dense micro porous surface, screening is effective filtration of impurities and to prevent water inlet blockage.

3, the design of the slot interface, the host and storage tank installation is convenient, fast and labor-saving

4, Seiko waterproof motor, high speed provides long-term power, deep waterproof, safe to use. And the strong power has these characteristics: make water speed stability, noise low, and quiet without disturb, low loss, use long.

SORBO II Portable Irrigator, whole body is waterproof, waterproof grade: IPX7. So it is easy to clean and keep hygienic. You can clean spray head after use at a time. There are strong and low H and L two gear flow control. Water flow can be selected according to individual preference. And the sprinkler is 180 degree adjustable. The angle can be adjusted according to the applicable object and position. So you can use it to clean as you wish. After 60 seconds of continuous operation, the irrigator will automatically cut off the power supply and avoid water shortage.