Lockbook - A Notebook With A Fingerprint Lock


Everyone has his or her secret. And most people keep a diary, or kept a diary once. What they care about most is the safety of their secret. They write a lot of their thoughts into the notebook and the least thing they expect to happen is that someone finds it and reads it. Some people place their diary somewhere secret. Some lock it. The former have to spend a lot of time looking for a perfect hiding place for their precious secret. The latter will have to find an ideal place to hide the key or use a simple combination lock risking leaking their secret. What if you can unlock your diary with your finger print? That seems to be an easy and perfect solution.

Recently I found the Lockbook on the crowd-funding platform. It is a notebook with a fingerprint lock. The fingerprint solution is similar to that of a smartphone in those days. It only accepts human’s real finger, can be unlocked without limit on the angle of your finger and features an encryption algorithm developed by the company. It can be unlocked within 0.5 second and notices the user with vibration. And of course, it is powered by a battery. The battery life can be as long as 2 months if you open the Lockbook 10 times a day. There are versions of two colors: black and red. And the covers are made of materials similar to but better than PU.

Do you want to keep a diary without worry? Lockbook is a good choice.