isclock Technology: Low Power? One Cookie is Enough (I)


A fascinating smart product has been released on the crowd funding platform of recently. Looked like a piece of Macaroon cookie, it is actually a portable power bank created by isclock Technology Co. Since it looks just like a Macaroon cookie, it is named as “Qingzao Power Cookie”. The delicate product is a combination of a portable power bank and a USB flash disk. The perfect design makes your daily life much more convenient.

Perfection, Delicacy, Detail

At 9 o’clock in the morning, a young man in casual clothes appeared in the Ke Shi Plaza in Beijing. Wearing a hat and a pair of black frame glasses, he walked quickly. A novel thing that looks like a Macaroon cookie in his hand attracts many people’s attention. It is connected to his mobile phone, but not so conspicuous.

This young man is Hu Mushi, CEO of Just Point Technology. And the novel thing in his hand is of course not a real cookie, but a “Qingzao Cookie Power Pie” created by his team. His company is a rising star on Galaxy Internet, a platform for startups.

In 2014, Hu Mushi started isclock Technology. During the creation of new product, Hu found a universal problem on power bank products. They are all big and heavy and cannot work without a data cable. If the cable is left behind, you cannot use the power bank. Really bad user experience, isn’t it? Among smart devices, the popularity of the power bank is only second to the mobile phone. So Hu believes that in our daily life it will be better to have a power bank that is small, portable and doesn’t need a data cable to charge the mobile phone battery.

And he put into action quickly. In May 2015, Hu did research on the market, and the project of Qingzao Cookie Power Pie was launched. In June, the first draft of design is finished. The trial products were made in July and September respectively. In November, still not satisfied with the product after two times of product iteration, Hu modified the design even after the mold had been made. In March 2016, after three times of trial productions, all modifications have been finished.

And the cookie shape portable power bank was born. Its size and shape both are similar to a Macaroon cookie. The company offers versions of different colors: white, pink, blue, and purple. It only weighs 50g and has a length of only 55mm in diameter. With a data cable already built in its body, a cookie can power a mobile phone for 5 hours. In order to make the size smaller and the room inside larger, the circuit board of the pie has been cut as much as possible.

Moreover, Hu also built a USB flash disk in it. The customers have different choices of the capacity. When it is plugged in a computer as a USB flash disk, the Power Pie will get charged.

“This product is perfect. It meets the harshest demands.” Yang Yang is an expert on smart devices who had once used a sample of the cookie pie. “It is really beautiful and you may really think it to be a Macaroon cookie when you see it in a distance. Besides, it fits perfectly with your phone when it is plugged in. It is hidden at the back of your phone and you hold them as comfortable as only holding a phone.