Experience of Xiaomi LED Desk Lamp


Xiaomi LED Desk Lamp supports 4 kinds of different illumination modes: Focus mode,Reading mode, Computer mode and Kids’ mode.

Mi LED desk lamp also can be connected to the phone and to control color, temperature and liquid level through the mobile phone. Mi smart led desk lamp is arguably the most xiaomi style product. Xiaomi company has spent a great deal of effort on the shape design and hand feeling of the material. The arm of xiaomi smart lamp is aluminum and straight, which reflects the quality of the lamp and also has a greater range of lighting. The overall appearance of mi led desk lamp is white, only with a single rotated button to reveal its most pure concise beauty. It can match with a variety of decoration. The brand feature of Xiaomi is vividly reflected on this lamp. So mi smart led desk lamp can be a practical works of art no matter in the sitting room or bedroom. In addition to the high level of appearance, Xiaomi LED desk lamp pays much attention to the function of protecting eye. First of all, it can work with no stroboscopic which can cause eye fatigue and headaches. Mi LED desk lamp will not allow the stroboscopic cause harm to the eyes in any color temperature and brightness. So, it is very safe. Secondly, it has achieved real step less regulation, not only has the warm/cool color temperature range of 2700k to 6500k, the user can control the color temperature according to the need, so it can reduce the influence of blue light on eye fatigue, but also has passed the national light biological safety certification, which makes users feel much more comfortable during using.

Xiaomi LED desk lamp is an intelligent desk lamp. Through the home smart APP of Xiaomi, we can see that mi LED desk lamp can make the best match of color temperature and brightness according to different purposes and scenes. For example, the kids’ mode is designed to protect vision in a better way, just because the child eye pattern has not been fully developed. After opening this mode by parents, children will not trigger the color temperature light above 4000 k through button adjustment by themselves, so this can protect their eyes. Besides, there are also have reading mode which is the most comfortable mode; Computer mode is to prevent the blue-ray of computer screen which may injury our eyes; and the focus mode is very humane. Under this mode, lights will remind users when should be work and when should be rest. This makes users strike a proper balance between work and rest. And help users devote their mind to a higher degree, improve the efficiency of work and learning.

Compared to the traditional desk lamp with old-fashioned looking and poor light source technology, the latest products of big brand have improved safety and prolonged the service life with the innovation of new LED light source. This also gave designers more space on the lamp model design.

Below is the evaluation of mi LED intelligent lamp from DesigNing:

First of all thanks to the development of LED hardware technology. The light source can be relatively narrow to meet the lighting requirements. Therefore, in the design of this lamp, the designer is hoping to maintain this feature in the shape. The final product of the lamp arm and lamp pole are much lighter than the majority of competing products on the market . Physical properties such as light and heat dissipation, of course, have been tested and certified. There will be a rigorous and detailed introduction to the product page on the follow-up website, and has not been sacrificed for any reason. Therefore, the physical dimensions of the link between the lamp arm and the lamp post are subject to certain restrictions, after all, it is not willing to be designed as a prominent joint. In order to keep the lift arm angle stable and not loose in thousands of times fold, the design of the rotating shaft structure needs certain guarantee on the size, so there is no space to walk a line. As for the poor reliability of metal pin points, you can have a sudden brain burst, it is impossible to assess the reliability in the actual production project, thank you! In conclusion the power line can't be inserted into the light body currently. By the way, the high voltage side has a transformer, which results in the input voltage of the light source is weak current 12 v 0.5A, relatively safe.