DIY Smartphone Projector - Frees Your Arms and Amplify Your Joy


It has been a long time for me to watch a movie before sleep. But it has been a much longer time for me to find solutions to get rid of my-stopping-by-and-nagging-mom and my numb arms. I always think about how to lie in my bed and watch a small video without two much noise and light that would attract my mom to stop by to stop me. All of the wars with my mom end the day I get a Smartphone projector.

Simple in installation, it is a self- made projector for phone, which can project the video and pictures in your phone on the white wall. The pictures will be amplified into eight-fold, and are as stable and fluent as in your phone. Fashion in color and simple in setting, with a Smartphone projector, you can easily have a home cinema with an eight-fold size picture on your wall. So, you can enjoy watching video lying in your bed, and you never have to worry about the light and noise and your numb arms.

Free your arms and amplify your joy, DIY Smartphone Projector is your best choice.