Cronzy Pen lets you draw in 16 million colors


Most of you probably used those giant multicolor ballpoint pens at a very young age. Just like the 10 colors one as shown below:

While a new magic pen named Cronzy Pen had improved over this old version and promise to write In 16 million colors, and what makes Cronzy special is that it contains ink cartridges that let you actually draw these colors you’ve scanned. Now you don’t need to carry around dozens of multi-colored pens, all you need is a single one: Cronzy.

The video from the official shows how the pen works:

It does this thanks to a mechanism based around solenoid valves and an algorithm for mixing colours to a high degree of accuracy, allowing you to obtain any color in any shade.

The Cronzy pen can be controlled in two ways. The first is via an app for iOS, Android, and Windows phones.Just click on the application on your phone, choose any color you like and start writing or drawing. The second is innovative scanner. Just point the Cronzy pen at any object, a green leaf or a brown mug - and the ink color will be the same as the scanned object.

Some worry the lifespan of the pen and its ink cartridges. According to the Cronzy’s data, the pen’s ink cartridges have an extensive use life. It is equipped with a capacitive Li-Po battery that will make it possible to use Cronzy during for a few days in between charging.