“Better” is the annual summary of GEECR


2017 will come to an end soon. Let’s make a summary of what we have done in 2017.

We have tried a new method of product classification. In order to bring the latest cool inventions product to our customers more quickly, we have put some pre-sale products to the market, which gained a good response.

We have optimized the international logistics and abandoned the non-registered and ineffective ways of logistics.

In the choice of products, we were more stringent and paid more attention to quality.

And the after-sales service providers also tried their best to reply to the customer messages within 24 hours.

And so on.

Everything is getting better and better. In order to offer a better shopping experience to our customers, we have some innovations and new ideas in 2018. Life needs passion and creativity. Next year we will do more work on “creativity” and produce more creative products. I hope you will like them. Welcome to visit us frequently.