How P2 Help You To Know Your Pet Well

Activity Monitoring

An adapted and advanced sensor, P2 records pet activities 24/7,collects the information and sends it to the Cloud for calculations and analysis, and finally reports the pet‘s actual performance on the APP.

Consumption Record

According to your pet’s data recorded by P2, the expended calories can be precisely calculated. Combined with foods and consumption trends, the quantity of food your pet consumes can be controlled clearly.

Fit Report

"Today's mood is happy. Health condition is under the standard; Insufficient in total activity time; Too much intense activity time today; Deep sleep time insufficient." Detailed daily performance with 24 hours continuosly detection.

Light And Elegant Design

Petkit P2 is mainly made of Magnalium, which is light and eco-friendly. It is comfortable to wear for your pet, and can be attached to any collar(3cm wide) and designed to go anywhere with your pet, even swimming, falling test and terrible weather.


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