Due to the suspension of logistics during the Spring Festival in China, the delivery time was postponed to February 22.

Among an increasing number of people who own pets, quite a lot of them consider it a great source of happiness. They feel free to pour their love all over their dogs, for they believe dogs understand people, as well as their emotions.

Here I’d like to recommend a series of dog accessories. By combining user-friendly elements in various aspects encompassing design forms and functions, these accessories become personalized, delightful and animated. The user-friendly elements are displayed through reflecting and bearing intangible spirits with tangible substances. In the process, elements of design form incorporating style, color, ornaments and materials are changed to ignite positive emotional experience and feelings within humans and dogs. In addition, with new functions being explored and old functions being improved, humans and dogs are warmed by progressing functions and we can enjoy the design.

Families with a dog can cultivate a new hobby of walking it. Life lies in motion, which works for both humans and dogs. Fine design of dog accessories should not only meet the living needs of humans and dogs, but also creates added value, thus transforming people’s ways of life, as well as coordinating relationships among humans, animals, and the environment.